Top ads on tv that are boring

Sometimes television becomes monotonous when the same ads keep popping up again nada gin. Here is a look at some of the ads which completely bore us now.


The Halifax ad

This ad has totally bored us. Though it was very popular when it was launched for the first time. But as time passed by it seems so repetitive that no one wants to see it again.



The sight of a middle –aged man sharply dressed and entering in to the toilet to show how effectively it get rids of stains from your toilet seat seems totally disgusting.


Vim Bar

This too has become so boring that as soon as it appears on the screen we hit our remote buttons. The stupid explanation that why this product is perfect for washing your dishes has become a head ache for views.


Ads which feature Dhoni or Sachin

The cricketers have taken it upon themselves to endorse every product that comes their way, be it hair oil, biscuits or anything. One ad finishes and the next one too has the same faces. This has become too much for the audiences to handle.


Navratna hair oil

It is weird to see how a hair oil is taking away all the tension and worries after a hard day’s work. It is no longer liked by the audience and the remote button is invariably pressed each time it is shown on television.

These are the ads on tv that have become extremely boring. The audience does not like to see them again and gain. They are simply bored of these ads . it is high time that these ads are replaced with something more interesting that can grab the eye balls of the audience. These ads should be removed from the television as they are not enjoyable any more. People do not like to watch them. They are very bored. They want to watch something which is more thrilling and informative about the product that they need.

Therefore these ads must be totally removed from the tv. They should not be aired from the next time. They are simply a wastage of time and money. So they must be removed from the television.

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