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Even in recessional times when holidaying seems to be a luxury, a low –budget plan can help in experiencing any country at the cheapest price. This economic backpacking holiday rests solely on three pillars, which are- ensuring best service, efficient quality and maximum safety. It is most suitable for working class who mix work with pleasure .They usually opt for renting campervan rather than staying in hotels or motels. This provides them an opportunity to explore the country while working and at the same time they need not be completely detached from their professional life.


In order to cut down the cost further, it is advised to carry the basic items like hats,boots,chamber pots, cooking pots, tea pots . Rather than purchasing these, one can also acquire it on a rental basis. Other requirements too can be rented successfully without any troubles. Hassle free holidays enjoyed in the country of spectacular visuals, great beaches, delicious food, lots of accommodation and eager acceptance from the local people can be ensured at the best possible prices ,thus making it the most suitable alternative to financially –strapped holiday planner who wishes to enjoy a romantic getaway or an adventurous road trip or just planning another vacation with the family.

Who says a budget holiday planner has to compromise on anything? All the activities ranging from trekking, staying in beautiful sites, staying in more developed campervan sites , scaling new and unseen locales, all are taken care of.

First finalize the size of campervan. Know how many berth campervan is the best fit for your journey.

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Make a trade-off between a brand new with all amenities and facilities, and an older van that have traveled a lot on the country roads.

Check out passenger seating arrangements before sealing the deal

Don’t rent campervan with only lap belt on the 90″ back seat as they are not a comfortable while on long drives

If there are kids in passengers, make sure their seats have 3-pont seat belts

Some motorhome rental companies in Australia provide their customers with a bike on the back rack of their vans; of course they charge extra for a bike rental, but this is worth selecting if you want that ‘extra’ touch on adventure and freedom.

These are some of the tips which will help you in striking the best possible deal.

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