Top celebrities from India who are openly homosexual

Homosexuality is not really new in Bollywood; there are a number of films that are based on homosexuality. Many people feel that admitting to being gay may destroy their careers, especially in Bollywood.


Bollywood has had a very long relationship with homosexuality; this has always ermined a taboo subject in India and also in Bollywood. Many things have slowly begun to change and Bollywood has attempted to grapple with homosexuality that is slowly affecting the way the homosexuality is being viewed in India.

More recent news saw the banning of homosexuality and it criminalization under a ruling passed by the Supreme Court. The ruling has angered and horrified many celebrities and activists alike and many of them took Twitter by storm to express their dissent towards this action.


It is obvious that there are a number of gay celebrities in Bollywood and very few of them are open about their sexuality, this could be largely because it has been criminalized twice before and a large part of society is still against this concept.

Very few names come up when we connect Bollywood with homosexuality, yes, there are aplenty of actor that have portrayed gay roles in a number of films, but very few people have openly expressed that they are gay. Onir, a producer and director who recently was caught up in a so called scandal where he supposedly molested a small time actor is gay. Another name that comes to mind is Bobby Darling, who does not hide anything at all. Karan Johar is supposedly gay, but these are just speculations as he has not made nay comment on his sexuality, other names include Rohit Roy, Sahil Shroff, Sanjay Suri and Rahul Bose to name a few. Again here things may or may not be true.


While India may not be ready to completely accept homosexuality, there is a culture that is homosocial and that there is a well guarded secret subculture that allows gay individuals to do what they want, without any fear of being ridiculed. Today homosexuality is a garnered sexual element and as sexual identity, gender roles or characteristics is more defined these days, Bollywood celebrities seem to be more open and eager to shed homosocial behavior and come out of the cover of darkness. Bollywood may have been born from a conservative and traditional country but its story is anything but that.

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