Top Fashion Icons In Bollywood Who Seem To Copy Outfits From The West

The divas in Bollywood define the fashion trends that are prevalent in our country. They are the trendsetters and are also the fashion gurus for many women and girls across the country. We sometimes see them wearing the exact same gown that some worn by some Hollywood star, so is their taste in fashion genuine?


What is the reason behind why they choose to wear whatever Hollywood stars are wearing instead of donning something entirely different? Kareena Kapoor was seen in the same Tom Ford dress that Kim Kardashian had worn earlier at the launch of her new perfume in New York at the Fashion’s Night out Gala.
Kareena Kapoor was launching her book ‘Confessions of a style diva’ and wore the same dress accessorized her look with black pumps and a gold belt. Seems like a bad idea to wear a copied look when launching a book on style and fashion.


Sonam Kapoor who had wowed everyone with her unusual sense of style was also found wearing similar dresses- it was initially believed that her look, hair and accessories were something entirely new, but it turns out that all her looks were simply copied off some Hollywood celebrity.

For example, in 2011 Sonam had worn a Prabal Gurung dress- a pretty black and red pleated dress with one shoulder to the 16th anniversary of the Bombay Times. This same dress was also worn by actress Hilary Rhoda to the 2010 Costume Institute Gala in New York.


Another fashion fake is Deepika Padukone, while she does carry off many of the dresses with added grace and elegance; fashion experts wish she would wear something different. Padukone had worn a black and gold gown also seen on Kate Hudson at the 2001 Golden Globe Awards. In fact she has worn so many similar dresses, people often wonder is she shares the same stylist with these stars.

She has also worn dresses similar to that of Zoe Saldana, Lady Victoria Harvey, Jenny McCarthy, Ashley Benson and Jennifer Lopez to name a few. The truth is many of the top gown designs from the best designers get circulated from one store room to another and it is very likely that these fashion mishaps will repeat them selves.

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