Top Hollywood movies we wish become true in our lives

Well there are several hundred evergreen and top class movies that fall into that category. Some of them are as follows.Hollywood movie_ 300_1

300 :

We instantly become a soldier among the 300 soldier who get ready to sacrifice themselves for the ancient Greek City State Sparta, which is under the threat of invasion by an indestructible villain. There is no hope of returning back. But we are the best soldiers from Sparta and we will fight for our country, our families and our glory. We may never return back. So we kiss goodbye for the final time to our families!

Rambo 1


With that heroic gnarl and one of the best muscular bodies in the world, Sylvester Stallone still continues to enthrall people from all over the world. The viewers are pumped in with adrenaline and get a gush of a quick stream of patriotism running through their blood.

Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda:

Is there anyone who can hate this cute panda? After watching this hilarious movie, one instantly wants to become that cute panda which is loved by everyone. Its rib-tickling humor is so innocent and natural. We begin to wonder that imagine that even we are a cute panda and a warrior who can fight with even the most dangerous villain.



Not that we want to lose our loved ones like  Rose lost Jack in the revolutionary  movie, but the pain of separation brings a subtle sense of joy when we imagine ourselves to be like Jack who sacrificed everything for his lady love. We want to experience that same amount of joy in sacrificing ourselves for our loved ones. And get lost somewhere in that blue ocean for times immemorial.


These were four random movies that we could reminisce, apart from several thousand unforgettable movies that we really cherish for our whole lives.  These are the movies that we wish would become true in our lives.

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