Top reasons to fall for an American guy

As much as America is a fantasy for us, so are American guys. There are many a reasons to justify their desirability. But before we move on to that point wise break up, lets discuss the species in brief. American men are divided into 4 categories- General American men who are found more in northern and eastern provinces, Spanish-American men found in Texas, California, means the western and central provinces. Then we have Afro-American men which is the most amazing class in the world. They are well built, humorous and smart. The last comprises of immigrants. Now, keeping the immigrants apart, we come to the points which specify the reason American men are a good choice.

American are confident_1

They are confident:

To be frank, it’s not confidence but over-confidence which is a trait here. Being from the most powerful economy of the world, American men have a kind of superiority complex. They prefer not to bow in front of others and have a lot of attitude. This is particularly an important point because all girls prefer bad boys and American men are the perfect bad ones. Furthermore, since arms and violence has lesser restrictions in most American states, men have lesser tolerance here. So as a result, you have arrogant, violent, short tempered man. Sexy, isn’t it!

They are rich:

America is the richest country in the world. This makes American men the richest in the world. So, with your boyfriend being American, you won’t have to bother much about what you buy and where you buy it from. No matter, fat cash makes men more attractive for girls, so this is a very serious positive with American men. Furthermore, Americans have a tendency of spending a lot.

Young man giving piggyback to woman

They are independent:

Unlike in most other countries, Americans have a tendency of leaving their parents early in life. Say at the age of about 16. Then other than that, Americans teach their kids to be independent right from day one. So the best part is that by dating an American guy, you save yourself from a mama’s boy. He is all your and you don’t need to share his time with anyone else.

You get American citizenship:

This is and should be the ultimate reason to date an American guy. Should he fall for you and agree to a permanent hook up, you can expect a dream life in the world’s richest country.

Although it varies from person to person, for all of the above reasons, American men are a good choice to try your luck upon.

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