Top Quirks about Living in Mumbai

Mumbai is the city of dreams; a place where dreams are shattered and made both. A city that is full of life at any given time of the day or night. It is truly the city that never sleeps. It is a city where survival literally means the fight for life. Living in such a city isn’t everyone’s business. It is a daredevil stunt in its own right. Yet, the thrill of it is something one can never imagine. Here are a few quirks on living in a city like Mumbai –


The Co-Existence of Good and Evil

Mumbai is a place where the good people and the bad people live in a balance. Some survive on the force of goodwill while others learn to survive by hook or by crook. Hence, it is a city where if one person makes you feel cheated and hopeless, another will help you out at the most unexpected time and in the direst need making you feel happy and hopeful. Yes, this gives Mumbai an aura of its own.

The British Heritage

Mumbai isn’t the financial capital of India for nothing. It is here that the Britishers and the tradesmen first started their business owing to its proximity to the coastline. Hence, ensure that you take a look at all of the heritage structures of Bombay that were first built by the Britishers. The red bricked buildings give it a nostalgic feel.

lady eating

Food – Anytime, Anywhere!

So, you have been locked out of your house at 2 am in the night and feel famished but your room mate will not come back home until the next 2 hours? No, you don’t have to starve if you are in Mumbai. You are bound to find a corner, a hawker, a restaurant or a bar somewhere around you. There is no chance everything in the city is shut.

Sweetness and Business

While everyone in the city means business, they will not leave you high and dry in times of need. They will come to your aid if you are truly in need.

Thus, such are the ways of Mumbai. It is a sweet and sour but beautiful combination.

Summary – Mumbai is a busy city with a lot of hustle and bustle and chatter around it. A large number of phrases, emotions and feelings are attached to this wonderful city.

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