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It solely depends on an individual as to which movies he/she wants to watch. Watching a movie also depends upon the moods of a person. Sometimes a person wants to watch a calm romantic film and on the other hand sometimes he wants to watch an action packed thriller movie. With such a high world population there is varied taste as to which films people prefer the most. The world of movie offers a great range of genres on which movies are made and so people can choose their desired movies from a wide range of genres. There are many different types of sensibilities which appear to the different types of audience. The same time of movies are neither liked nor favored by all the people.

Top demands:

Intellectual movie

Intellectual – People who watch intellectual movies look for something more than just mere entertainment. They are on the lookout for some subject matter. They try to perceive some knowledge, thoughts or facts from watching the film. Films like Ender’s Game, Shutter Island are termed as intellectual movies.

There is a certain class of audience who want to watch only intellectual movies. Though the ratio of this class is less but still this genre is quite demanding. Intellectual movies are mostly favored by those who are more inclined to learn something new from the movie that they are watching.

action movie_4

Action – Action films, thrillers are being made since movies were first made. This genre has a great demand among people from the age group of youngsters to late middle aged people. Films like Rambo, Terminator, James Bond series, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Die Hard series, Transporter series, and Mission Impossible series are like legendary films. Anyone watching them becomes a fan of them.

Most of the kids are in love with the action movies and like to watch such movies which makes their fantasies come alive on the screen.

romantic movie

Romantic – This genre has been a favorite since centuries old and almost everyone has an affinity towards romantic films. Romantic films never get old.

Films like The Notebook, Dear John, Pretty Woman, Silver Linings Playbook, 50 First Dates. An animation film also made it to this list, i.e. Wall-E. most of the girls love such romantic movies and are totally fond of watching their favorite actor or actress fall in love with each other .

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