Top Three Tips for Advertising on Behalf of a Charity

Advertising on Behalf of a Charity

There are lots of different ways that businesses are able to advertise themselves in order to increase the amount of people who head over to their websites and engage with their services. Of course, a lot of this advertising can be expensive and as such, it is no surprise that charities are unable to take full advantage of all of the options available to them given that they are often short on funding. This means that the ads that charities do eventually run need to be incredibly efficient in getting to the point and making people want to donate. This article is going to breakdown some of the most efficient ways that charities can run ads in order to increase the amount of donations they receive in response.

1. Don’t Overstate the Facts

This is a general piece of advice that could go out to any advertiser, but it is especially the case when it comes to advertising as a charity. When people donate, they do so because you are working on behalf of a cause that they are passionate about, they are not looking to receive anything back in return. As such, you need to make sure that you are straight to the point with your advertising and overstating facts is counterintuitive to this. If you are throwing stats at your readers then some may take the time to read but chances are (as is the attitude with most internet searchers) being met by a large block of text will put them off.

2. Be Clear About What it is Your Charity Does

As previously stated, you don’t want to be dedicating too much space in your ad to facts and instead should make it clear about what your charity does instead. You will need to be quick to the point with this, simply spell it out very quickly what you do and who you benefit as a result of your work.If you do this right, then people who are interested in donating will click on your call to action. This is especially the case if you are running adds via text. There are sites such as Tatango who specialize in securing MMS donations and though these can be very productive, they will be the first to state that short and sweet is essential to the messages you end up sending out. 

3. Do Not Cause Excessive Distress

The key here is being sensitive with your message but still getting the point across. The majority of charities out there are going to be attempting to reduce the damage or suffering of others and people who see your ad are going to be aware of that, but you still need to balance what you show in a way that lets people know what you are fighting for but doesn’t distress them too much. 


A lot of charities do not have the same funding behind them as a lot of businesses and as such, when they run ads, these ads need to be as effective as possible. The above are some good ways that charities can go about achieving this.

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