Trend Setting Fashion Statement Of Celebrity Kids

In this current era, celebrity kids define style in a much better way than their adults do. Moreover, celebrities also encourage their kids to bring about a line of clothing to make it a drift for others. Celebrity moms and dads are spending a huge amount on kids? styling and looks in spite of squandering it on themselves. Haircuts, dresses, shoes and way of talking reflects fashion and this is what celebrities? kids understand very well. These kids? wardrobes are plumped with wide collection of cool, chic, colorful and of course, fashionable outfits.

Celebrity kids style statement

Popular celebrity kids normally have multicolored tracksuits, no-slip hair clips, bows, bands, soccer boots and branded shoes in their wardrobe. These lovely kids not only put up stylish dresses but also team it up with matching accessories of their collection. Kids nowadays love to play with colors and this is why they have funky collection of sneakers, watches, jeans, shirts and bands. Good thing is that these kids are growing up as a celebrity and trendsetter for others. Increasing fad of eco-friendly clothes has influenced these kids as well and they continue to promote eco friendly clothes like merino.

Top Five Celebrity Kids in Fashion World

  • Zahara Jolie Pitt: Eldest daughter of celebrities Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie has set a mark for others with her new hairstyles. Little girl is nowadays carrying plaited hairs with blue bands. This 7-year-old girl love to play with her hairs and adopt different harmless styles. Zahara has been often seen in funky frocks, accessories and most of the times in cool outfits.


  • Violet Affleck: This 6-year-old daughter of Ben Affleck and Jennifer is not only an excellent ballet dancer but also a champion of karate. Violet is known for her flat jazz shoes and casual looks. With cools outfits and hairstyle, Violet defines her sought-after style statement. Girl is fond of carrying uniquely designed backpacks and looks gorgeous in flower-patterned dresses.


  • Cruz Beckham: Six-year-old son of popular footballer David Beckham and wife Victoria, Cruz has a special corner for art in his life. Cruz is nowadays seen in shaved head and his costume looks as if he is ready for partying. De Niroas, latest haircut of this little Beckham remind you of taxi driver and good thing is that he does not apply hair gel.


  • Kingston Rossdale: Being a son of Gravin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani, Kingston has been often noticed in rockstar outfits. Printed shirts, skinny jeans, fake tattoos and a perfect rockstar hairstyle make Kingston stick out in crowd.


  • Suri Cruise: This Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise?s daughter stands out in crowd for her cutest and most fashionable looks. This little girl has a great fervor for fancy frocks, matching accessories, bands and heels.


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