The troubles of Angelina Jolie’s makeup

Angelina Jolie, the piping hot actress of Hollywood, the lady with the most hypnotizing eyes is the heartthrob of millions. For someone who has the most followers on her trends when it comes to outfits and performance, Jolie is amply looked up to. Her beautiful smile indeed attracts the young blood going crazy for her. With all these attractive features, there are issues when it comes to makeup malfunctions with Angelina Jolie. She is the most stylish woman yet she is also someone who still brings a frown to her diehard fan list with some of the worst makeup jobs ever.

Red carpet and the lime light

Angelina Jolie 1

The most celebrated film festival with “the” red carpet to welcome the festival of cameras and actors that happens every year in France, witnessed the worst make-up of Angelina Jolie. She flipped a wrong dice with patch make-up that did not suit her color tone, which was noted by all the major magazines. The powder malfunction was the worst disaster and it got Angelina a place in the list of worst make-up wearing actress.

Malfunctions and disasters in makeup – a total let down

Angelina Jolie suffers a major makeup-malfunction where the make up on her face appears to be paste-y or powdery and doesn't match her skin tone

Angelina is found using a powder that just did not blend in with her skin tone leaving patches all over when focused for a click. That attracted more number of fans throwing hatred towards her makeup. The translucent powder got a strict no-no from the public. From those who surfed about her styling, makeup and tutorials to turn Angelina Jolie, it just turned out to passing comments through social networks about the disaster and malfunction.

Is that a translucent power or some white flour on her? How can such a famous actress being followed for the trend compromise with this malfunctioning? Hate that flour on her on patches across the neckline and cheekbone. The classy and stunning dress she picked didn’t match with the mishap done with her face. Angelina Jolie, do have a final look at the hand mirror. One request from all her fans is to be slightly careful from next time.


While awesome in style and substance, Angelina is not entirely invincible to the wild cards of style and makeup.

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