Courtney Cox’s affair with a young singer

Courtney Cox was beloved as Monica Geller of the famous F.R.I.E.N.D.S series, well known for her great acting skills and as a producer, owning a production company co-owned by her husband David. Though she started off as an architecture student, she ended up without completing the course and joined modeling which helped her enough to turn into a versatile actor.

Cox got divorced from David

Cox got divorced from David after being separated for 2 years. Although they have a kid together and now she announced being engaged to Johnny McDaid from the well-known band Snow Patrol. The engagement was announced in June 2014, after the couple dated for less than a year.

Facts about their romantic union are below:

Johnny McDaid

  • Ed Sheeran is their mutual friend through whom they got introduced to each other and who played the best part of being a great friend for having given them the opportunity to find the love of their lives
  • They were first spotted together at Jennifer Aniston’s holiday party in December. Throwing enough light to their great love life, it is from then that they are seen together always until they announced their engagement and promise that they are meant to be together forever
  • Sources say that the cute pair will be announced officially as married in Ireland – that’s where their wedding is planned to be featured
  • Their love story gained its strength with Skype calls
  • Cox’s 50th birthday was celebrated along with McDaidAmanyara in Turks and Caicos – the happy smiling face of Cox shows how happy the couple is, for having found each other and their compatibility against all odds is still mind blowing
  • The proposal for Cox was through her daughter Coco, whenMcDaid handed her a diamond ring stating that he would like to marry her mom, one of the cutest proposal ever!
  • The engagement ring was a platinum make with small studded diamonds
  • Cox and her ex-husband, engraved their wedding bands as “A deal is a deal” and also it’s a known fact that David is seen around with a girl friend who is pregnant with his kid. Their kid Coco will have shared custody mutually agreed by everyone involved

Courteney Cox and David McDaid looks lovely together and are featured to be a promising couple with all cuter facts together- it’s just meant to be! They are great together!


Courtney Cox is all set to tie the knot with singer Johnny McDaidfrom. The wedding will likely take place in Ireland.

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