Trying to be Perfect: Boon or Bane?

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In this world, no matter how hard we try to be perfect, there would be instances that we would feel imperfect. We would see flaws in our way of living, in the choices that we make and feel that some of the things that we do are not good enough. There will be times of guilt, irritation or simply moments of dissatisfaction.

Living in a place where good and evil prevails, what more could you ask for? A constant struggle to reach for the ultimate happiness is always present. Fear, sadness and sorrow are at the other end of the line. The road to success is sometimes too vague to be seen.

Perfection is a state of mind that leads us to the goal of doing something without mistakes. It is a frame of thinking that restricts us to live in a world governed by calculations and measurements. It is a brand of achieving the highest laurels incomparable to anything.

But in reality, perfection is not of this world. As we often hear, “Nobody is perfect.” I agree to this statement. However, I firmly believe that many of us may not be perfect, but some would always stand out as the geniuses of the different fields of endeavor. Some people would be blessed to have less flaws and minimal cases of imperfection. These bring us to the conclusion that life is somewhat unfair. Some would be borne in a silver platter while many would come from the family of paupers.

Meanwhile, many people might try to look and feel perfect by the way they carry themselves. But at the end of the day, everyone suffers from the setbacks of being an imperfect creation. We would all have to face the daily struggles of life and the burden of surviving on-going human sufferings.

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But we have to realize that there is nothing wrong with our imperfections. If we were perfect beings, living in a tumultuous environment would only give us so much stress and would always be complaining about the irregularities we see around us. Accepting who we are and what life brings to each of us gives us the satisfaction of understanding what life is all about and our limitations as individuals.

Aiming for perfection is a healthy attitude. This may lead to a better life, righteous mindset and prosperity. But you have to understand your human nature. We are not perfect beings. If we commit mistakes in our lives, it is because we are here in this world to learn and know our purpose of existence. We are to accept our differences and to serve and love one another.

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