This woman is no less than fierce creature

india2007288 cjxwW 3868We know that snake bite can make human dead. We are afraid of jaws of our pets like dogs, cats. But this woman from Ahmedabad bit her cousin to death during family squabble.

Nita Parmar was asked to spend a day in court as punishment after her charges were scaled down to ‘causing injury’ following postmortem reports of her cousin Kishor Pareja, by a sessions court last week. On February 24, 2003, Nita, her father Dashrathbhai, mother Gauriben and brother Kiran fought with their cousin Pareja, 40, who lived in the apartment below in New Chandranagar area of Juna Wadaj in Ahmedabad.

This was nothing new as the two families often had petty fights. But that day it came to fisticuffs and Nita and her family members allegedly beat up Pareja and she then bit him on the right thigh.

Pareja fell down unconscious and was rushed to a private hospital, but had to be shifted to another hospital. Three hours later, he died and his wife Ilaben filed a police complaint charging Nita and the rest of the Parmars with murder. They were in judicial custody for a while and then out on bail.

They were tried by sessions judge VM Chaudhary who examined more than 20 witnesses, including the three doctors who had treated Pareja. From the statements given by the three doctors and examination of the postmortem report, it was established that Pareja had died of a heart attack.

Moreover, during the proceedings, it could not be established that Nita’s family members had assaulted Pareja. But the court found conclusive evidence of Nita having bitten Pareja’s thigh, said public prosecutor in the case Naresh Nandolia.

The judge held Nita responsible for causing injury to Pareja by biting him and convicted her under Section 324 of the IPC. She was asked to remain present in the court for a day as punishment and a pay a fine of Rs 1,000. If she defaulted she will go to prison for three months.

Because of being Indian woman she just got away with 1000/- fine. When will the judges be strong enough to punish women? This is very light punishment for a murder and snatching another woman’s husband forever.

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