Understanding the Differences Between A Euro-Top and Pillow-Top Mattress

Differences Between A Euro-Top and Pillow-Top Mattress

When you’re in the market for a mattress, you might be quickly overwhelmed with the sheer variety of products on offer for consumers. Whether spring, latex, memory foam or a combination of these, those wanting the ideal mattress for them are quickly left scratching their heads. One of the most misunderstood aspects of mattress buying is actually understanding what the terms ‘pillow-top’ and ‘Euro-top’refer to in relation to mattresses. In this article we take a look at pillow-tops and euro-tops to help inform you and guide you to a better-informed purchasing decision.

 Understanding the basic differences between these mattress toppers

differences between these mattress Before you rush out to buy the first cheap Euro-top mattress you find, it’s useful to know what separates these from pillow-top mattresses. Firstly, both of these varieties refer to the extra layers of cushion that you’d find sewn on the mattress surface, but the actual appearance and construction of the euro and pillow-tops differ. The build of pillow-top mattresses consists of a one layer of gusseted foam or padding designed to feel super soft – hence the ‘pillowy’ part of the name. There is also a gap between where the pillow top is on the mattress and the comfort layer to give a distinctly separated appearance.

By contrast, the padding layers of Euro-tops are much denser and of a superior quality when compared to the layers in a pillow-top. They also differ aesthetically, as the Euro-top is joined seamlessly with the rest of the mattress – this is often a good way to differentiate the two when shopping around. They also differ in size, and due to the higher quality of the Euro-top padding layer; these are usually larger (even though they don’t often appear as such).

Physical differences between Euro and Pillow-top

Pillow-Top MattressThere are a few more important physical differences to note in addition to the size and aesthetics. Those wanting a more consistent balance of firm and soft should look to a pillow-top, as the thinner topper allows for you to easily detected the mattress underneath the layer of the pillow. Conversely, Euro-tops are constructed to provide sleeper with a soft cushioning in the centreand a firmer surface towards the edges of the mattress. The lesser quality of pillow-tops also leads to inferior durability, as having less material in the top eventually results in pillow-tops flattening out and it is also not uncommon for body indentations to form over time. Although Euro-tops do have a longer lifespan overall, they can sag at the edges over time due to the dispersion of firmness within the top.

 Should you choose pillow-top or Euro-top?

Euro-topAlthough Euro-top mattresses are superior in most respects, the cost differences between the two types are not necessarily obvious – costs will more often amount to other elements of a mattress, such as the core construction and support of the mattress, the materials used in its construction and even the brand itself. Because both of these mattress varieties offer good orthopaedic support, what you choose will also depend on what you want in terms of a topper (such as uniform firmness), so make sure to do your research to find the right top for you!

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