Understanding The Legality Of The Party Wall Matters

Party Wall Matters

The boundary wall between two houses or buildings plays a vital role. In most case situations, property owners share the same boundary wall with their next-door neighbor. In such cases, if there is any repair work that has to be done, they come to a mutual agreement about incurring the expenses to get it repaired.

However, when there is something major that has to be done, then they need to serve a notice pertaining to the party wall. Let us get to know a little more details about party wall and the various party wall matters the homeowners may face. Before you can get to know more about this subject, let us first look at the meaning of party wall matters.

Understanding the meaning of party wall

Party Wall Matters

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Party wall is a term that is used when there are two or more owners sharing the same wall/building. Although this wall may be a part of an individual’s land or property; since two or more people share it, the respective owners share the expenses. This could include

  • Redoing the wall to take care of cracks or broken areas.
  • Extending or reducing the height or length of the wall.
  • Renovating or firming the foundation of the wall once again.
  • Taking care of structural damages due to age, etc.

Understanding the term party wall matters

In the case party wall matters, the situation arises when either of the parties does not agree to something or do not stand on the same page. As per the legal sections handing such issues, both the parties have to come to a mutual agreement regarding the work that has to be done.

It can also arise if any one of the owners does not complete the responsibility that they undertake on time. Another reason why this situation may arise is when there are issues in regards to who will carry out the expenses and how much each person should pay. Sometimes other problems may also arise which results in disputes that have to be sorted legally,

Other reasons why party wall matters may take place

Party Wall Matters

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There are various reasons why the party wall may need work. Factors like natural damage, the age of the wall, or even extreme climate changes can equally harm the wall in many ways. In order to carry out any major work, as per the Party Wall Act, a legal agreement/notice has to be made. The different kinds of notices issued in party wall matters are as follows

  • The structure notice – this is generally sent if there was any alternation made due to which it affected the party wall in any way.
  • Adjacent excavation notice – if any one of the owners is excavating within a particular distance that falls under your neighbor’s boundary or building.
  • Notice for line of junction – This is sent out if there is a need to construct a new wall that is very close to the said boundary or even in the case if the wall exceeds the permitted limit.

Party wall matters in regards to the notice served

After the individual reads the agreement, if they agree with what is mentioned there, they can give their consent for the same. Just in case there are any problems since the person does not understand the term party wall matters or if they disagree with something, they would have to state that in writing.

After a certain period of time (generally 14days), from when the notice was issued, if there was no action taken, it is then considered as a dispute. In such cases, a surveyor will come to deal with the concerned dispute regarding the party wall matters. Based on the observations and his or her understanding, the necessary guidance will be given accordingly.

A concluding note

Party Wall Matters

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Party wall matters are crucial and sensitive in many ways. Even if things go on the legal front, many things are considered before a decision takes place. While sometimes these sorts of matters are sorted easily, there are times when it can go on for years. The twist and turns pertaining to such matters have to be dealt with a calm and composed mind. Only then, the right solution will come out. Taking a professional advice is one of the best ways to resolve any issue concerning party walls.

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