Universe, not infinite after all

Do you know what is the most important photo taken by mankind? If not, it is an image acquired by the Hubble Telescope in September 2003, which for 11 days was pointed to an area of the universe known as “Ultra Deep Field”.

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It was believed until then that this area was composed of “dark matter”, the most abundant form of matter in the universe. However, it appears that there are about of 10 thousand galaxies with approximately 1 million stars in each one in that “Ultra Deep Field”! Stars that can be up to a thousand times bigger than the Sun (our poor and small sun which is1 million times greater than Earth! ).

This discovery led scientists to finally reach a kind of consensus about the size of the universe, which officially has 47 billion light-years. Each light-year is 9.46 trillion miles.

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Now you can even ask me why I am writing this article. It’s simple, I am telling because the implications of this discovery affects other fields of knowledge, not only physics, the mathematics and astronomy (not to be confused with astrology crap!!!!).

Philosophically speaking, the “infinite” is not that infinite because now there is an end to the universe, although I have to admit that 47 billion times 9.46 trillion is an unimaginable number. But let’s go to the other implications of this discovery: other forms of life.

With this discovery it is clear that imagine Earth has life is a silly thing, given that trillions of planets were recorded by Hubble. It is something, “medieval” to believe that we are the only one here and now. Of course, it’s impossible to say that there are other civilizations, that there is a planet where you can eat and drink everything without gaining weight and have no hangover after having drunk a bottle of tequila. But what can be said is that other forms of life probably exists, even if not based on carbon.

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Well, but this is something personal. Some medieval will say “no, there is life only on Earth because God only created mankind”, others “where can we buy a round-trip ticket to Centaur”. Me? I’m in the middle term. I am not obsolete and medieval, but neither I wonder how it would be a intergalactic flea …

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