Weirdest sex rituals and customs from different parts of the world

Not all cultures are the same, and that’s why our world has so much variety. Every culture has marriage and mating rituals of some sort. There are rituals of marriage, choosing a partner and starting a family in other cultures that are different from our own but some cultures have bizarre sex rituals that are shocking to say the least. In the following, some of the most absurd sexual rituals practiced by different cultures around the world have been shared.

Iranians pay for temporary marriage

Iranian couple

The Muslim laws regarding man-woman relationships and marriage are quite strict. However, the Iranians have created a cultural loophole for accommodating the desire of young men and women to live together for a limited period of time for checking compatibility. They can pay for this kind of marriage. A simple and brief ceremony is arranged for the bride and groom after the completion of which they can live like man and wife without any hindrances. They may separate after the time limit is up.

Semen drinking ritual of Sambian tribe

Sambian tribe

Image Source : OrijinCulture

A tribe in Papua, New Guinea has several shocking rituals for their young male members. When boys turn seven, they are separated from the girls so that they do not imbibe feminine qualities. To prevent contamination of female qualities young men have to vomit and bleed through their noses. They also have to drink the semen of matured males so that they can become strong and masculine like them.

Pharaohs used to ejaculate into the Nile

Egyptian Pharaohs

Image Source : HalloweenCostumes

According to some sources, the ancient Egyptians believed that the flow of Nile River depended on the ejaculation of their God of creation Atum’s ejaculation habits. There would be ebb and lack of water if he did not ejaculate. To show respect and save the Egyptian race, Pharaohs also ejaculated into the river Nile so that it keeps on flowing.

Wife stealing tribe

Wadobee tribe of Niger stealing wife

 Image Source :  CityPeopleNews

One of the bizarre rituals still followed by the Wadobee tribe of Niger is wife stealing. The men can steal each other’s wives without any legal consequences. The tribal men and women have to marry their cousins at a young age, but later during the Gerewol Festival, men can dress in weird costume to impress the wives of other men. If the new couple can get away without getting caught they become the new couple.


There are countless cultures spread across the world. Some of these cultures follow ancient and bizarre sexual rituals till date.

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