Welcome back, Angelina and Brad

angelina and brad 2282

After announcing a ‘lunch-break’ from movies, Hollywood superstars Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are again in a mood to have their comeback. The couple will soon be spotted on the big screen, but in separate flicks.

A couple of weeks back, Jolie was geared up and quite determined to bid bye to movies for a while in order to pamper her newly adopted kiddo. But the sudden news, stating that the 31-year-old-lady will again pull on her acting robe, has brought that cheerful smile on her fans’ lips.

Angelina has signed ‘Wanted’, an action flick portraying her as a killer-for-hire. The killing-beauty will be seen with Morgan Freeman, who bagged a best supporting actor Oscar for his powerful acting in ‘Million Dollar Baby’.

jolie and pitt 2282A little, which is known about the film, reveals that Jolie will train a younger man in the art of killing. The graphic novel-based thriller will be distributed by Universal Studios and directed by Timur Bekmambetov, whose credits include ‘Spiderman 2’.

The 43-year-old Brad Pitt has also filled his bag with a movie based on a British mini-series – ‘State of Play’, wherein he will act as an investigative journalist. The star will be seen sprinting with reporters and police to unknot the murder of a politician’s mistress.

Welcome Home, Jolie and Pitt!

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