What makes vaping a better alternative to smoking

Smoking is the main cause of ill-health in millions of people around the world. The secondary smoke inhaled by people, known as passive smoking is also detrimental to their health. Vaping, thus seems to be a better alternative to smoking. A small gadget delivers a nicotine hit by heating the e-liquid to form an aerosol, called vapour, which is then inhaled. Let’s see why experts and studies all over the world are turning to vaping as an alternative to smoking:

 Vaping helps to quit smoking


According to a study published by Public Health England, vaping could actually be 95% less harmful than smoking. The study noted that 50% people falsely assumed e-cigarettes and vaporizers to be equally unhealthy like cigarettes. The study in fact, suggested that e-cigarettes could be used as a tool to quit smoking, just as nicotine patches or gum.

A study conducted in New Zealand, showed that vaping was 50% more effective as a help to quit smoking altogether. As the doses of nicotine consumed by vapers is very low, it helps them to graduate to zero nicotine content e-liquids, even though they continue to vape.

Lesser chemicals


Vaping is less harmful than smoking as e-cigarettes contain much less chemicals than the usual cigarettes. An investigation conducted to see the effects of e-cigarettes versus the conventional cigarettes, found that the coronary artery endothelial cells showed a stress response from the conventional cigarette smoke but did not show a stress response from e-cigarette. This might suggest that vaping is a better alternative to smoking, when it comes to immediate harm caused by tobacco.

Another study exposed human tissue cells to e-cigarettes and traditional cigarette smoke. The cells exposed to cigarette smoke died within 24 hours, whereas the cells exposed to e-cigarettes survived much longer. Thus, the study shows that cigarette smoke is much more harmful than e-cigarette vapor.

Experts say that though nicotine is also addictive, it is still much less when it is not in tobacco form, where a lot of chemicals are added.

The greatest risk from smoking is the smoke itself, and e-cigarettes do not present this risk. According to researchers, the levels of chemicals given off by e-cigarettes are lesser than conventional cigarettes, thus making vaping a better alternative to smoking. 

Vaping costs less money

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Vaping is cheaper than traditional smoking. Disposable e-cigarettes cost about $1,100 less every year, considering a person who smokes one pack a day. This savings could be significant specially to people who have a low socioeconomic status. Furthermore, online stores, such as Vaporizer Superstore Canada and Vape Shop Burnaby Canada, ensure to provide them to their customers at the best possible prices. And reusable vapes can bring the cost of vaping down even further, leading to more savings.

More and more people are taking up vaping for various reasons – it’s less harmful than conventional cigarettes, costs less and is quite trendy. Vaping eventually might lead to quitting smoking which makes it a better alternative to smoking.

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