What Sets a Good Attorney Apart?

What Sets a Good Attorney Apart

In the intricate labyrinth of legal issues, an attorney serves as your guide, protector, and advocate. But, how can you be sure that the attorney you’ve hired is not just good, but the right fit for you?

This article will explore the ins and outs of what separates the good from the average.

Why a Good Attorney Matters

Have you seen Netflix’s Bling Ring mini-series yet? It’s an interesting three-part documentary that tells the story of a group of LA teenagers who set up a crude but successful burglary ring in the Hollywood Hills, targeting the likes of Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom, Lindsay Lohan, and others. In total, they brazenly stole millions of dollars worth of clothing, handbags, jewelry, cars, and cash.

At the center of that story was a guy by the name of Nick Prugo – a somewhat dorky, misfit high schooler who was (in many ways) brought into the “Bling Ring” with good old-fashioned peer pressure.

Toward the end of the documentary – once they’ve been caught – there’s a present-day scene where the criminals are being interviewed and asked about what they felt and did after being arrested. Prugo details how his parents found him an extremely experienced and skilled attorney with an excellent track record to defend him. But rather than thanking them for the assistance, he said, “thanks but no thanks.”

Prugo said he didn’t want an “old guy with a pot-belly” representing him, because of the image it would portray. Instead, he wanted a flashy young lawyer with a strong jawline and a media presence. In other words, his legal “skills” didn’t matter as much as his looks.


You can probably guess how the rest of the story goes. Without giving away too much of the story, the lawyer makes a pretty significant mistake that even a rookie fresh out of law school wouldn’t make. Prugo gets frustrated, fires the attorney, and then hires someone who is actually skilled to help him with the mess.

We tell that story to say this: Having a good attorney isn’t something you should take for granted. Whether you’ve been charged with a DUI, assault, or something as serious as stealing millions of dollars from Hollywood’s elite, having a good attorney is non-negotiable.

What to Look for in a Good Attorney

It goes without saying that you don’t look for a good attorney by doing a Google image search for “strong jawline.” But what do you look for? Here are a few factors:

1. Strategic Thinking

You want an attorney that is going to take a detailed look at your case and explore all possible avenues for obtaining a successful verdict on your behalf. This is something they talk a lot about at The Law Offices of Bamieh& De Smeth, PLC.

“​​We can conduct thorough, extensive investigations into the circumstances surrounding your alleged offense, your arrest, and your booking to ensure that your rights were consistently upheld and were never violated or abused,” attorney Ron Bamieh explains. “Additionally, we will dig deep and compile evidence to build a strategic case against wrongful accusations.”

On the contrary, you don’t want an attorney who just takes your case at face value and goes through the motions. 

2. Good Communication Skills

In the legal world, where complex jargon and intricate legal theories are commonplace, having an attorney who can communicate effectively is invaluable. The role of an attorney is not just to represent you in court but also to translate the language of the law into something understandable and relatable. 

A good attorney knows that communication is key. They make it a priority to explain to you the nature of your legal issue, potential solutions, and the probable outcome. They keep you informed about the progress of your case, ensuring that you are never left in the dark. More importantly, they are prompt and responsive, always available to answer any questions and allay your concerns. 

3. Confidence and Trust

Trust and confidence form the bedrock of a successful attorney-client relationship. You need to trust that your attorney will act in your best interest, uphold confidentiality, and represent you to the best of their ability. Confidence in their legal skills, judgment, and advice is equally crucial, as this allows you to navigate through your legal issue with minimal anxiety and doubt.

A trustworthy attorney is transparent, reliable, and honest. They do not make unrealistic promises or sugarcoat possible outcomes. Instead, they give you an honest assessment of your case and keep you informed about potential risks and benefits. They also consistently meet deadlines, follow through on commitments, and exhibit professionalism in all their dealings.

Adding it All Up

Most people aren’t going to pull a “Nick Prugo” and hire a lawyer based on their looks. However, a lot of people make the mistake of hiring the wrong lawyer by not understanding which factors actually matter. The hope is that this article has given you some useful tips for making a more educated decision when hiring an attorney.

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