What’s the future of hologram technology?

hologram technology

An object in 3D which is virtual i.e. it isn’t there actually, but seems as though it was, is a hologram. It could be floating in air or it may be standing right next to you, on a table or desk. This technology has many uses, as we will see in this article, and it is not meant to be just another form of entertainment. Companies all over the world are investing heavily in this technology, one of them being Microsoft. Why this interest in holograms? Find out by reading about the future of hologram technology:

The future of hologram technology

Microsoft invested millions to create the Hololens, a unique headset which makes interaction possible with holograms. Hyundai and Porche too have made huge investments, and with investments on this scale, the hologram market is predicted to increase to $5.5 million by the year 2020. What are the uses of this technology in the future?

AR and holograms

hologram technologyTill now, what we have seen are 2D objects which look like 3D due to the optic tricks. But holography is much more than that. Holography is being used in many fields, even to repair elevators. The company ThyssenKrupp has bought Hololens from Microsoft and the 24,000 technicians of ThyssenKrupp wear this holographic lens.

Before they reach the site, the Hololens gives a 3D image of the lift which needs to be repaired, which can help with the planning of the repair. On site, the repairman is provided with virtual diagram of the lift/elevator system, along with the complete history of all the parts. Further, the Hololens can reach out to an expert, video streaming the broken part/s and after repairing, the details of the repair are updated on the elevator log.

All this with just the Hololens. In this instance, we can see how AI and holography is used for a very practical purpose.

Holograms can be used for medical purposes

Holograms can be used for medical purposesThe future of hologram technology in the medical field is immense, in both the operation theatre and in classrooms. Students can get a much better understanding of the human anatomy if they can view the organs in 3D. Surgeons in Norway are already using this technology to prepare for their surgeries. Before they perform the surgery, the can build a hologram of the organ, say, a heart, with the tiniest details. This helps them to plan the surgery with meticulous detail, thus improving the success rate of the surgery, and thus is one of the advantages of hologram technology.

Holoxica, a Scottish company, has developed the tech to produce full color 3D holograms from CT scans, MRI as well as ultrasound. This helps doctors immensely while preparing for operations.

Holograms might pop out of your smartphone

hologram technologyYou might be thinking how much further your smartphone can evolve. Well, it can be used for holographic images to pop out of the phone. Queen’s University researchers in Canada showcased their latest holographic tech: an incredible, flexible holographic smartphone with OLED display. The holograms can be viewed by tilting and bending the phone.

The future of hologram technology will change the future of many of the devices we use now. Imagine that when you are talking to your friend, he might pop out from your phone, and you from his, and each look at the other’s surroundings by turning you head on the hologram. Video games and Skyping will reach the next level of technology!

3D conferencing where people will be able to see their colleagues during conferencing and teams can beam objects into a meeting for people to see the stage of design development.

Some examples of hologram projects which are currently available:


DeepFrame-is-an-AR-solutionImage Source : i0.wp.com

This is one of the latest innovations, which is one of the examples that points to the future of hologram technology. DeepFrame is an AR solution made by the company called Realfiction. It’s a 64 inch glass window, that you can look through to view the real world as well as AR images, text and 3D holograms. You can project the holographic objects to few feet or miles, even across the entire city.

DeepFrame makes possible sci-fi type applications, such as telepresence, which makes it feel as though people are attending the meeting when actually they are in another part of the world. DeepFrame displays the advantages of hologram technology. Currently, it is sold only to enterprises at 50,000 dollars, but it would eventually be sold retail too.


Navion by WayRayImage Source : s1.cdn.autoevolution.com

Navigation systems are getting smarter, but none like the Navion. It is one of the latest innovations which is in the development stage by the company WayRay. It is a projector which would be mounted on the dashboard, creating the illusion of laying the navigation data including turn by turn directions onto the road itself.

Apart from navigation, the Navion system will be able to identify hazards on the road, such as pedestrians crossing road, and highlight the hazard on the screen. Hand gestures and voice can be used to control Navion. This is how the future of hologram technology is going to be, making roads safer for both cars and pedestrians.

HP Zvr

HP ZvrAnother AR hologram is being shipped from HP. The company sells a 23.6 inches display called HP Zvr which costs 4000 dollars. The product was manufactured in collaboration with a company known as zSpace. The Zvr requires lightweight glasses instead of headset.

The screen works with the help of sensors which can track the glasses’ location, and thus your eyes, enabling you to view multiple sides of various 3D objects. But to do this, you would have to lean to your right or left to view the object from multiple angles.

HP provides an awesome stylus which has one virtual laser coming out of one end, enabling you to get hold of and manipulate all the floating holograms!

The future of hologram technology will be spectacular – holograms will be used for entertainment as well as work purposes, and give a better understanding of things to enhance work in various fields.

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