Antique jewellery

A well stranded metal art with skillfully crafted designs. Yes, that is what comes to our mind when we see a gold necklace. From times immemorial, the ruling noble highness of Maharajas, Maharanis, Kings, and Queens, adorned layers of heavily crafted designs in gold necklace, thus exhibiting their high born clad. This tradition of ornamentation has been carried down civilizations to the generations. Witness a wedding or be a party to a social gathering – none of the accessories are so eye catchy as the gold necklace. Innumerable stories widespread and broadcasted by the daily soaps show the older generation of grandparents passing the ancestral blessings, calling it a family tradition or gifting an antique gold necklace to the new born or new additions of the family. As a ritual or an emotion, Indian culture has promoted the legacy of ornamentation prominent – amongst them all is the gold necklace.

Reasons and Region:

designs of gold necklaceWith every region, tradition and culture, the designs of gold necklace have been varying to tell a fascinating story of its land. The famous coined model, heavy bold designs of south, the floral, petals and artistic façade of the east and the glittery dangling of the north, Indian diversity is well adorned and crafted in the designs. While some adorn for style, some value the design, some show off their status quo – but every woman would love to adorn a gold necklace for sure.

Designs galore:

Temple Jewellery:

Temple JewelleryEver wondered how the ancestral values and blessings were incorporated in the idol sculptured traditional necklace designs? Differently named as temple jewellery, the well grooved idols of various Goddesses in the form of gold necklace is an artistic masterpiece. Well adorned with heavily bordered Banarasi, kanjeevaram or any other south Indian Pattu sarees, these depict that however  we advanced, we are yet grounded to our culture.

Gorgeous Wedding Collection:

It is their dream day and every bride and groom plans and accessorize to look their significant best. So, we see that even men wear the stones studded gold necklaces complimenting their jazzy sherwanis. The bride is no less, adding the extra layers of necklaces, right from chokers to the long ones. Both adorably dressed, revealing to the world that they are truly a match made in heaven. Even in western wedding, the overflowing gowns are complimented with discreet necklaces to enhance classy neckline.

Diamond Necklace:

Diamond NecklaceA forever friend of a lady, diamond dazzles as a necklace and gives the aura of a diva. Well! Who doesn’t want to behold the exceptional masterpiece of the diamond necklace? With the new evolving trends and the designer collection of diamond necklace, the classic diamond is now a part of the bucket list of collections.

Short Necklace:

Beauty lies in the eyes that behold. Even with short simple elegant chic gold necklace design, the woman today know how to look classy like a pro. Very vibrant light weight designs in floral, roses and symmetrical trends have been in visibility with the growing cult of working women who prefer to accessorize in limited for the business meetings.

Long Gold Necklace:

Long Gold NecklaceWhen she walks, all heads turn, all the ladies around jolt at seeing the long gold necklace, wondering when it will be a part of her own collection. If you are someone who wants to make your own statement at any gathering, dig out from the treasure chest and feel majestic with a long necklace.

Light Filigree Necklace:

It is gold, yet not old! Designed light, reasonable in price and appropriate for most outfits, be it a traditional salwar or just a trendy chic casual. The fine work filigree craft with minute threads of gold and latest designs, neither too much, nor too less, but making you look just at your best. 

Antique jewellery:

Antique jewelleryIt’s time for the dull dusky look to remind us that only all that shines isn’t gold. Because the antique gold jewellery, even without the glitter and shine, is now trending and winning the hearts of the modern ladies. Also, reminding that the beauty lives in the inner art and design and not just the outer dazzle. With the newest range of antique jewellery, enthralling the current trends, the demand for this collection is the Page- 3 sensation of every town.

Visibility in trend, fashionable in designs and value for price has never been so easily available.

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