What’s your blood type personality?

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Some people believe that your astrological sign can reveal your personality character and that reading your horoscope can predict your destiny. But many believe that the clues to people’s character and future lie not in the stars but in their blood type. Some company has used it to evaluate job applicants. Dating services consult blood types to pair couples. So, is blood type just a fortune-telling fashion in world, or does it really reveal something about you?

Blood is made of the same components–red blood cells (oxygen-transporting cells), white blood cells (infection-fighting cells), platelets (factors that help blood clot), and plasma (the fluid that carries blood cells)–but not all blood is alike. Everyone has one of four possible blood types: A, B, AB, or O. Humans’ different blood types depend on the presence of molecules, called antigens, attached to the surface of red blood cells. Blood type is one way people share information about each other. It also generates a sense of knowledge with people whom you might otherwise not get to know on a first-person basis.

The blood type personality speculation judge that how we behave is determined, , by what we’re made of, so come across and match your behavior by your blood group:

Type O: A person with type O blood is not flashy, but pretty, giving others a good impression. Organized and determined, they can also express the truth very clearly. This can lead to stubbornness, if they can’t read their goal, they won’t give up. Their mainly career recommendations come in as Banker, politician, gambler, minister, investment broker, baseball player.

Type A: They are very studious type of person, and will try not to hurt anyone with their words or speak unnecessarily. They are decisive, but not thoughtless with their decisions. They like to follow the latest trends and dress up, but not in a flashy or gaudy way. Their mainly career ends up as Accountant, librarian, economist, novelist, computer programmer, gossip columnist.

Type B: A person with type B blood is outgoing and charming. They won’t be picky or dwell over little things. Usually, they act first before going over the details. They are also good at reading other people and provide whatever support they nee. Their mainly career ends up as Cook, hairdresser, military leader, talk show host, journalist and golfer.

Type AB: A person with type AB blood stands out from other people. They are very sensitive to their surroundings. They are very determined to do things correctly and will speak in a serious manner. Their actions are logical, but sometimes they take action without regard for the big picture. Their dress will be in extremes, sometimes very proper, sometimes very sloppy. They mainly end up as Bartender, lawyer, teacher, sales representative, social worker.

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