Why 26/11 is the Main Agenda of the nation?

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I am asking this question to all Indian why only 26/11 is the main agenda of govt. and people. What about the other attack before 26/11, e.g. New Delhi blast, Bangalore serial blast, Varanasi blast, Jaipur blast, blast on loc and the blast by Maoists… Here people who lost their lives in these incidences their lives are meaningless to everyone. I heard the statement from the political leaders addressing to media and huge crowd”, we will never let them alive who is responsible for 26/11 attack. Media has also forgotten those attacks and now they remembered only 26/11. How about the Arushi murder cash and Jasca Lal muder case…

Ajmel is not only the culprit who is responsible for such attacks. Still a number of Ajmal are moving freely due to our policy. During the Independence and Republic day we are singing ‘Hum Sab Bharatiya Hai” (we all are Indians) after this we are different. I would like to figure it out that at one front govt. is saying we are Indian and no one can separate us in the name of cast creed and religion and other fronts, they are separating us according to our status.

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Why 26/11 attack is a focus to every one because VIPs had lost their lives. Thousand of common people lost their life in other, attack what about them. At last I would like to say that we should keep equal sympathy in 26/11 attack as well as other attacks victims. So please don’t separate us, we all are having equal rights to live.

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