Why Punjabis are awesome boyfriends?

They  always support you

A  Punjabi boyfriend will always stand beside you come whatever may. This will really help you to have a firm belief in the relationship.

They’re always listening to peppy new songs

They’re always listening to peppy new songs.
Punjabis are really fond of music. They are sure to have a good collection of amazing songs  both old and new. They are not very fond  of fast numbers when it comes to their favorite but do not mind a soft and melodious song once in a while.

They’re excellent  drivers.
Since most of the Punjabis learn driving very driving at a very young age therefore they are very good drivers. They will take care of all break  down issues of the car as well. So, your long drives will not turn into nightmares.

They are always optimistic.
You will be surprises to see  how cheerful your Punjabi  boyfriend can be. Life becomes a lot more fun when you hang out around with such amazing people you are always cheerful.

They are  very good listeners.
You will not believe this , but your Punjabi  boyfriend  is  a really good listener. He will  listen to what is troubling you and  be your best friend in times of crisis without expecting anything in return

Aloo Paranthas

They love Aloo Paranthas.
There are high chances that you too will fall in love with the amazing aloo paranthas that they have on a regular basis still do not seems to have enough of it.

They are always extremely courteous to your parents.
They are   indeed silver tongued. They will always be courteous towards your parents and will respect them in every condition.

They are good  at handling money.
Even though they  hail  from a community that loves to spend  lavishly, they’re surprisingly good with money and really great   saving a little from whatever they might earn.

They forgive at the drop of a hat.
This is by far the best thing about a Punjabi boyfriend. You just need to say a heart -felt sorry and that is enough to melt his heart. He will forget and forgive even the biggest of mistakes and heart breaks, if you apologize and give him the sweetest smile of yours.

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