Why Should You Become an Accountant?

Become an Accountant

The finance sector has many advantages for those looking for a fulfilling career that has a lot of potential, and becoming an accountant is one of the most popular pathways in finance and economics. If you are looking to begin a career as an accountant, here are some of the main reasons why this might be the right job for you.

A Good Salary

A Good SalaryIn general, the finance sector is known for its high salaries. As an accountant, you can expect to make around $70,000 a year for your services if you have obtained a Bachelor’s degree. However, your salary is also dependent on the qualifications that you have achieved. For instance, if you have taken a Master’s degree, the MS in Accounting salary tends to be higher, with a range of jobs, from Management Analysts and Chief Financial Officers, offering opportunities to reach salaries exceeding $100,000 per annum.

Opportunity for Leadership

When you are looking for a job, most graduates want to apply for a position that can give them ample opportunity for growth within the company, as well as the chance to apply for management and leadership opportunities. Promotion potential can help your job position to stay challenging, help you to continually take on new responsibilities, learn new things, and feel valued in your working environment.There is a range of potential job roles that you can work towards with an accountancy degree, and these include becoming a financial manager or even working for the government.

Global Opportunities

AccountantAdditionally, accountants are needed worldwide, and this gives you the opportunity to travel the world, practicing in a wide range of different countries. Not only are US cities such as Boston and Chicago beneficial to practicing accountants, but there are many opportunities on a global level once you have obtained a CPA license. This is especially important since many businesses are starting to travel or expand into countries outside of the US.

Business Possibilities

However, becoming an accountant is also an excellent option for entrepreneurs, with the ability to set up your own accountancy agency or work from home. To create your own accountancy firm, you should choose a business structure, create a business plan, decide on your pricing structure, register for taxes, and attend industry events to help you network with professionals in your sector.

It’s a Growing Industry

career in accountancyThe greatest factor behind choosing a career in accountancy, though, is the fact that it is a growing industry. The quantity of accountants has recently hit record numbers, with the latest statistics showing that there were 1.26 million accountants in the US in 2018, and this number is now starting to increase.

Accountants are In-Demand

Accountants are always needed, even in recessions and times of financial hardship. This means that accountants are always in demand. A lack of basic skills, such as analytical understanding, has led to an increasing skills gap in the sector, with 62% of employers suggesting that they are unable to find candidates with the right training. By taking the right qualifications and gaining experience, you will easily be able to find a stable position in the industry.

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