Why US will build a new Military Headquarter in Afghanistan?

Almost everyone is aware of the long prevailing war between the USA and Afghanistan. The war was initiated by the US army and its allies in 2001 to dismantle Al-Qaeda, a terrorist organization that was convicted in the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the USA. President George W Bush demanded Osama Bin Laden from Taliban. However, Taliban did not listen to the warnings, which resulted in a war between the USA and Afghanistan. The war is still on though they have drove Taliban from power and captured almost every big city in Afghanistan.

Soldiers from the U.S. Army go on patrol near Command Outpost AJK in Maiwand District, Kandahar Province

The US army has planned to build a new military headquarter stretching around 64,000 square foot in Afghanistan. The military headquarters will be equipped with all modern arms and amenities to check the rise of Taliban.

The headquarter is a windowless five storied structure, which has never been used by the US army and they are planning their exit now after the alleged death of Osama Bin Laden in an army operation in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

The senior officers believe that headquarter represents the cost of pentagon mismanagement. It was actually planned to come into existence when the war was on full-fledged. However, the construction is about to be completed now. The President of Afghanistan opines that there had been very serious talks and delicate negotiations on the decision of the US army to install 9 military bases across the country. However, White House Spokesman Jay Carney rejected Karzai’s remarks saying that US does not need any permanent army base in Afghanistan.


The US army has planned to build 1150 buildings in that headquarters out of which only 600 are believed to be completed. They might be planning to establish a new pentagon in Afghanistan as there was a pact signed between Washington and Kabul that the US army is permitted to stay for 10 years in Afghanistan after 2014. The Afghani Parliament has also accepted the pact later. So it is not surprising enough if the US army wants to depute some of its officials and troops to monitor the Taliban movements. Though the Taliban has been removed from power, it has not been eradicated completely from Afghanistan. Still there is insecurity in the minds of the Afghani nationals about the rise of Taliban again. The US army and their allies might be planning to eradicate this fear from the heart and soul of each Afghan by giving them a helping hand.

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