Will Movies On Sex Workers In India Create Awareness Or Will They Mislead?

One of India’s biggest societal issues is that of sex workers. There are multiple real and practical issues to address and resolve since many of these workers are driven to becoming sex workers out of poverty.


While a number of solutions are being implemented on a small scale, they all begin with the similar step of creating awareness of the plight that many of these women are enslaved into. A good step and probably the easiest one are the creation and show casing of film on the same subject that describes the situation of sex workers.


Do these films help or hinder?

Such films may be fictional, they may be real life documentaries but they all serve the common purpose of bringing global awareness to one of India’s many issues. Sex trafficking and prostitution are usually two separate issues that are inter related and thrives when it well hidden in the shadows like a secret shame that society chooses to overlook. Unfortunately, since it is such a well kept secret we forget about the tragedies that these victims go through, most of them being unable to speak for them.

Films on sex workers raise the awareness of the public. This is the most critical part of the prevention activities that are underway. These films may be fictional stories about certain characters but they still bring light on the real horrors that many of these sex workers face every day.


They are usually misleading in that they are glamorized to add box office appeal, by adding catchy dance numbers, songs and sequences. Again producers cannot be blamed for doing this as the film may not sell easily and the basic message that film tries to deliver will be lost.

Society can become advocates for promotion and awareness, with each individual doing what they can to help those who may not be as fortunate, film makers create films on the lives of sex workers or the issue in general as they are using their skills and what they know best to help others.

The need to rise

Films can improve understanding of the general public and reduce the stigma that is society attaches to sex workers because of the nature of their job. The films also shed light on the work that many of the NGO’s do in rehabilitating sex workers by helping them to find other means of livelihood.

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