Will US put in efforts and support India to uproot the rape culture?

When the news of a young girl who got gang raped and then brutally killed surfaced in the year 2012, the whole nation seemed outraged and multifarious rallies and marches were taken out. The entire country was demanding justice in unison and it actually felt that our nation is on the verge of a big change. All politicians and authorities vowed to uproot this serious danger from the society and freed the country from this stigma. The government even reframed certain policies pertaining to the safety and violence against women.


For some time, it actually felt that a sea change has set in our society and now the crime rate will substantially fall down. However, after some time, a shocking incidence of gang rape again surfaced, wherein two teenage girls were found hanging from a mango tree in a village in Uttar Pradesh. Those two teenage girls were first gang raped and then smothered to death and hung on a tree. Only a week after this extremely shocking incident, yet another similar rape incident appeared, a girl was raped, choked, and then hung her body on a tree.

The ever growing number of rape cases in India is horrifying and one hope that India is counting upon is US. If US put pressure on India to renew its fight against the evil rape, it surely will take strict actions. However, US’s interference does not seem quite easy owing to the multifarious issues taking place between the two countries in recent past.


US government has faced a number of obstacles while dealing with India that range from disagreements over economic conditions to polarizing political figures like Narendra Modi. All these issues can definitely come in way of US’s interference into India’s endeavor to uproot this evil from the country. Some analysts relate to this point of view, while others believe that there is no such problem going on between the two countries.

A four-day meeting took place in London, in which around 155 countries. Including US, participated and they all signed an agreement that has a commitment to end sexual violence in all developing countries. Now it is uncertain that how US is going to carry forward its relationship with India after going through rough patches in the relationship. Well, time can only tell, which way India-US relationship will head to.

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