The world of art remains as vibrant and inspiring as ever

Over the course of many years, the entire art scene has gone through a major renovation. Previously, the impressionists were laughed at. Then, abstract artists received an abundance of criticism. Yet, both forms of art eventually managed to gain massive popularity and this is more evident than ever before.


Both types of art sell for millionaires of dollars on the global market, but many believe that art is hanging on the edge and nearing its death point. When examining the reason news regarding the art world, consumers will discover that art is far from death. In fact, it is in the stages of a revival.


One way that art is beginning to retake its presence in society it through political and social change. Although some refer to such pieces, as hate art, others believe art should help promote a political or social agenda. On one side of the debate, you have the Denver police union, which wants to shut down the controversial exhibit at the Wellington Webb Municipal Office Building.


Others believe that art is a form of speech and expression, protected by the 1st Amendment. Whether you stand with the police or the activist, it is essential to question whether or not displaying art is protected by the Constitution.


This is just one-way art is wiggling its way back into American society. Other American artists, including Rodney McMillian, desire to take a much less controversial approach to the subject. Instead of trashing one group or another, Rodney desires to utilize that trash to his advantage.


Rodney has become immensely popular throughout Los Angeles for scooping up discarded pieces of furniture and transforming them into stunning works of art. In fact, Rodney has managed to gain popularity all over the East Coast. His upcoming exhibit, “Rodney McMillian: Views of Main Street” will be opening in the coming days, with three shows running concurrently.


Many can sympathize with Rodney’s work. Not only does it provide viewers with a personal and realistic view of American culture, but also it serves as a way to clean up the streets and use one man’s trash for another’s masterpiece. Rodney is not the only trash-artists.


A handful of others, including Nancy Willard, have also been able to gain fame, by transforming trash into mesmerizing pieces. The trend is truly taking off and will likely stick around for quite some time to come.


And finally, big news is coming out of Chicago’s art world. The Art Institute of Chicago is shaking up its workforce, with the addition of Ann Goldstein, who will serve as the deputy director of modern and contemporary art for the facility. The addition of Goldstein, who has been in the museum industry for over 30 years, will definitely bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the scene.


Also, some companies have begun taking masterpieces and performing a process, which involves printing on wood. The concept delivers a stunning masterpiece, which is specifically customized to the consumer’s preferences. All in all, the art world has definitely gone through a major overhaul, but it would be incorrect to assume that art is dead.


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