World political leaders who demand a high salary

Even though the political leaders join politics to serve the nation and the people of their respective countries, they get exorbitant paychecks or compensation, as they call it, for the work or responsibility these leaders carry on their shoulders. With the economies growing thick and fast in different parts of the world, political leaders are also taking heavy paychecks back home.

Paychecks, whether belonging to corporate employees or government officials, simply bring joy to the person on the receiving end. However, when it comes to the world leaders, the salary also shows to some extent the affluence and worth of the country they lead. Apart from handsome salary, political leaders also get countless additional privileges that a normal person can only think of. Here we have a list of some of the highly paid political leaders in the world.

Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong:

Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong

Image Source : I.Telegraph.Co.Uk

With the annual salary of $1,700,000, Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong tops the list of the highly paid political leader in the world. However, the matter of concern is that the Singapore Prime Minister draws over 30 times salary than an average Singaporean’s annual pay, creating discontent among the people. Even though the Prime minister reduced his salary by 28 percent, $1.7 million annual paycheck raises the brows of many in the country as well as worldwide.

Chief Executive of Hong Kong, CY Leung:

Chief Executive of Hong Kong, CY Leung

Image Source : D.Ibtimes.Co.Uk

The next politician on the list is the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, CY Leung, who takes a handsome paycheck of $530,000 home every year. The Chief Executive also heads the Government of Hong Kong and represents the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. With an annual salary that is over 12 times than an average citizen in the region, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong makes the mockery of the earnings of the Chinese President Xi Jinping who just draws the annual paycheck of $19,000.

The US President, Barack Obama:

The US President, Barack Obama

Image Source : Sth.India.Com

Despite being the leader of the strongest economy of the world, the President of the United States of America lies third on the list. With annual paycheck of $400,000, the US president draws about eight times more salary than that of an average American citizen. Apart from annual salary, the President of the United States also has a $50,000 annual expense and $100,000 travel account that is non-taxable. In addition, he can spend $19,000 on leisure or entertainment.

Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott:

Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott

Image Source :  Media2.Intoday.In

With paycheck of $345,000 per annum, next on the list is the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott. He also receives many other privileges, such as leisure funds to keep him up and ready for his administrative responsibilities.

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