15 Celebrity footwear fails

Celebrity footwear fails

Many people try to copy the styles of celebrities. They want to look like them. They have a personal reason for that. Such people are big fans of these celebrities and so imitate their styles, wearing sense, accent, etc. Some fans even pay thousands of dollars in an auction to buy the clothes and accessories of their favorite celebrities. But do you think these celebrities always look smart? There are many cases, when even these celebrities do blunders. They wear something that make them look weird. It may surprise you, but it is true. Many celebrities have been seen with all such funny dresses, shoes, accessories, etc. We have listed below some of the celebrities with funny footwear. These footwear look so funny that they have been termed as footwear fails. These have not only spoiled the image of the celebrity, but also the footwear brand.

1. Celeb name: Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is known for his theory of relativity. Even today, he is considered as the most intelligent person born on earth. Not only his logic, but also his wearing style was different from others. He has always felt a lack of the presence of women in science. So, he used to dress like them. In this pic, he can be seen showing his legs wearing a pair of lady footwear. No one knows what he wanted to show while dressing like a woman.

2. Celeb name: Master P

Master P

Master P is known as a legend in the whole world. But his dressing style was really very funny. Don’t take it as a joke. You can have a look over the kind of shoes he used to wear. They really look very odd. Wearing all such shoes will surely spoil the image of any celebrity.

3. Celeb name: Yukmouth


White shoes with a red sole, don’t you find something odd in it? Very few such shoes are available in the market and one of these pairs are with Yukmouth. Just look at the shoes, they may remind you of some cartoon.

4. Celeb name: Latrell Sprewell

Latrell Sprewell

No one would have ever imagined a shoe with a moving wheel. It may surprise all. This shoe was worn by Latrell Sprewell in many tournaments. After many efforts, this was finally patented in America. Marketeers considered it the best pair of shoes of that time. But even after many years, the makers were unable to get even a single store to keep this shoe. I think this is enough to explain how badly this shoe failed?

5. Celeb name: Diddy


Some celebrities love to show off their wealth. But, is this the right way to show it off? Diddy is one such personality to do so. He worn white shoes with a golden lace. Such shoes with golden laces may look stylish to a few, but for the most of us it is just a kind of joke. He should have worked on something else to show off his wealth.

6. Celeb name: Nas


Just look into the pic of this famous personality. You would just hope Nas to give at least a smile while endorsing a product. But how could a person smile with this kind of funny shoes in hand? Shoes are for feet and not for hands. I think he could be happier, if he would have worn it. Here, it seems as if he is offering you a candy!

7. Celeb name: Hurricane Chris

Hurricane Chris

Someone has rightly said, A should be placed before I in the word FILA. I wish, Chris should have seen this before introducing these shoes. Such shoes are not only a fail, but a blot on the face of the endorsers.

8. Celeb name: Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy

Don’t you find these red colored shoes a little scary? They would remind you about some Halloween. These dark colored shoes were endorsed by Soulja Boy. But like many other footwear, it was also not able to penetrate the market.

9. Celeb name: Sir Lucious

Sir Lucious

Sir Lucious had this pair of shoes. These shoes were so odd that once in an interview, he himself accepted it a mistake wearing them. But after few weeks, in another show he came in the same pair of footwear. CNN covered the whole story in detail and called it an honest mistake.

10. Celeb name: Dream


Dream worn these shoes on his wedding day. After sometime, he himself admitted it as a little bit funny. But he also said that it was somewhat cultural and one had to wear it. Perhaps, he must be feeling embarrassed after wearing such a pair of shoes.

11. Celeb name: Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Are these shoes?! These so called shoes look as if someone has added a piece of cloth to the slippers. I think Chris should see to the shoes before going for any such purchase.

12. Celeb name: Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum

These do not look like shoes but as false feet. After seeing such horrible shoes, you must be thinking that there should be a dress code for dancers too. Not only the design, but even the color is very bad. It was also a footwear failure for Tatum.

13. Celeb name: Karl Malone

Karl Malone

Here the credit goes to the sleek legs of Karl. Just have a look on the upper pic and then compare the shape of the body with the lower pic, you would get the answer. These shoes have failed to attract the prospects to come and buy them.

14. Celeb name: Jay-Z


These black colored shoes are good, but don’t you think they look like school shoes from the top? With such shoes, you can easily save your face, because all the eyes would be on your shoes. The white sole of these shoes, gives it a quite odd look. This was worn by Jay Z.

15. Celeb name: Uncle Otis

Uncle Otis

No one bothers to see what you have bought from the shoe store. You have to do only one thing. See that if you have bought something strange, and if yes, don’t wear it in some public place. If a person wears such a funny pair of shoes on the release of his album, he has to definitely cover his face like Uncle Otis.

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