Ashton and Demi to part ways?

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher???s six years of married life is at stake these days. As the media reports, the entire accusation is on Kutcher who had been spotted partying with Sara Leal all night, at the San Diego hotel on the night of Ashton and Demi???s sixth wedding anniversary. The news came as a devastating and disappointing one for Demi, though she did not rule it off completely as there had been problems in their marital life off late. There have been controversies on Demi???s next moves after these. While some media reports say that she had totally alienated herself from Ashton after this incident and is seeking consultations from a divorce lawyer, some other sources find that this might be a blessing in disguise and it can somehow mend their broken marital relationship once again. Time is the best judge to predict the future of Demi and Ashton???s marriage.

Sara Leal

Sara Leaf, the renowned party animal of Hollywood, had been the major catalyst of late, who brought further bitterness in the marriage of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. The scandalizing one night stand of the famous actor with this sexy lady is the top gossip of the town these days. The reliable sources of the city report that the intention of Sara is always to allure rich men with her seductive moves and mingle with them and get her name projected all over the media and win quick popularity in the process, no matter if it is a negative one. This time it was Ashton, the rich but married actor of Hollywood. But Ashton Kutcher is also not innocent of the infidelity and he too is to be blamed equally for the act as he was spotted enjoying the naked hot tub bath with his girl for the night, Sara. Media reports even say that the two have been seen together with each other two more times after this tantalizing incident.

Sara, the mistress of Kutcher for the night, has given vivid interviews of her sexual encounter with the actor in two leading newspapers after the incident. She had even been bold enough to make the news even more spicy by reporting that she and Ashton had entered into an unprotected sexual encounter on that night. Now, if the news is a real, then Ashton is to be blamed for this highly irresponsible act as Demi will be in the risk of grave health consequences as a result too. Although this is also a big question whether the married couple really had any love making session after this rumor at all. In this context, Sara???s further statement on this is to be mentioned as well who claims that it was her first physical intercourse with any man ever, which is definitely highly debatable.

While Ashton does not want Sara Leal to give any further titillating interviews to the media, he is attempting hard to mend his broken relationship with his six years of marriage partner, Demi Moore. He said that he had already confessed to Demi about the incident that happened between him and Sara on the night of his sixth marriage anniversary and is repenting for what has happened. But Demi is really adamant and Ashton speculates that she is probably going to file a divorce. Thus, with the stubbornness of Demi and the frequent seedy detailing of the intercourse of Sara in media, Ashton can find very dim chances that the marriage can really work again.

Reliable intimate sources even say that Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have been living under the same roof after this incident. But the twist in the tale is that they no longer share the close proximity of a husband and a wife. It has also been reported by some authentic sources that although the marriage of Demi and Ashton was at rocks for a longer time before the incident, she felt publicly humiliated at what Ashton did on their sixth wedding night. She is being supported mentally to get over this incident by her daughters, who are the issues of their wedlock. Demi???s devastation is totally logical although she reported that it did not surprise her or she did not find that the news could be fabricated as Ashton was really absent on that particular night and they spent the night apart.

The question is now about the fate of Demi-Ashton marriage. David Boreanaz, another celebrity, did the same thing with his wife after ten years of their marriage when bitterness had already crawled into the relationship. But after this incident his relationship got better and the marriage got mended again. But will this one night stand of Ashton serve as a bonding chemistry in disguise for Demi and Ashton too? Time is the best judge on this and we ought to wait for its judgement.

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