3 Photography Tips Every Blogger Needs to Know

As blogs have become more visual, bloggers often find that they need to snap photos to go along with their posts. If you’re in those shoes but don’t have much experience in photography, you may find it difficult to snap photos that look good enough.

The good news is learning the basics of photography and starting to snap better photos isn’t as difficult as you might think. In fact, there are three photography tips in particular that every blogger nowadays needs to know – and they could make a world of difference:

Be sure to try out the ‘Rule of Thirds’


The ‘Rule of Thirds’ is a simple technique to improve the frame and composition of your photos. To try it out, you should first enable the grid on your camera that will overlay a 3×3 grid on the frame.

Next, experiment by positioning the subject in the left or right third, aligning the horizon on one of the horizontal gridlines, or using the other lines and intersection points to position key features. If you do you should find the photos that you take look much more interesting.

Get closer to the subject

Moving yourself physically closer to the subject can help on multiple fronts. For starters the fact that you’re closer will improve the overall quality of your photos and reveal more details in the image that is produced. On top of that by ‘filling the frame’ with your subject you can create photos that look very interesting.

Keep in mind that the same does not apply to using the ‘zoom’ on your camera, as that will have the opposite effect – especially if it is a digital zoom.

Experiment with manual settings

Every blogger should get to know the camera that they’re using – and its settings. In particular you should focus on learning to adjust the ISO and shutter speed (and possibly aperture) to compensate for lighting, using the various camera modes that are available, and enabling or disabling the flash.

Although you don’t need to tweak all the settings, experimenting with them will help you to get a feel for what they can do. That in turn will help you to take far better photos as it will give you more control – if and when you require it.

Aside from these tips, you should also make sure that you’re able to process your photo after the fact and edit it. If you feel that you’re not experienced enough or don’t have the right skills, try using Movavi Photo Editor. It is so user-friendly that you should be able to easily learn to use it, regardless of how inexperienced you may be.

With Movavi Photo Editor you should be able to quickly learn how to enhance the quality of your photos, how to unblur a picture, or fix it in other ways. On top of that you could use its features to apply filters, add captions, remove unwanted elements, replace the background, and more.

All in all having an editor like Movavi Photo Editor at your beck and call will prove to be extremely useful for any blogger. It will help to ensure that you’re able to tweak and improve the photos that you snap so that by the time you publish them on your blog they really are ‘picture perfect’.

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