4 Extremely Creative Tourist Traps you would have not heard of till now

There are innumerable tourist destinations around the world worth visiting at least once in your life. There are also proposed tourist traps which if successful could lure more tourists to a region. While some of these tourist traps never saw the light of day, others are currently in the developmental stages. Here are 4 such creative tourist traps you probably did not hear of till now.

Michael Jackson’s Las Vegas Laser Robot

Las Vegas Laser Robot

Image Source : Studiomoustache.Com

When Michael Jackson planned to make a comeback in 2000 by securing a residency in Sin City, he hit upon a brand new advertising idea that would bring in the money for his costumes, shows and arenas. The idea involved a 15-meter tall mobile robot that would roam around Las Vegas shooting laser beams from its eyes.

Unfortunately, none of the real estate dealers Jackson spoke with was interested enough in the idea to take it forward. It was eventually dropped and Jackson had to put his dreams of a Las Vegas residency to rest.

Miami’s Artificial Sun

Miami’s Artificial Sun

Image Source : Acdn.Architizer.Com

The stunning beaches of Miami lure millions of visitors from far and wide. This was probably what propelled the idea of the Miami Sun, a building conceptualized by two Swedish architects. The 150-meter tall building will take the shape of a half orb and house a casino and hotel.

Its exterior will feature screens that will replicate stunning sunsets during the day and the moon during the night. The Swedish architects plan to erect the building on the bay, citing the reason that by blocking the actual sun with their own version of the Miami sun, they can allow visitors to enjoy the warmth of the sun without worrying about its UV rays. However, the city is yet to approve this design, meaning we won’t be seeing it for quite some time.

Aeroscraft Flying Hotel

Aeroscraft Flying Hotel

Image Source : Info.Aia.Org

Move over slow airships and fast jetliners. The latest in the area of aviation is the Aeroscraft Flying Hotel. Conceptualized by Igor Pasternak, the Aeroscraft Flying Hotel is a huge flying hotel that will move around the earth slowly at speeds of 280 kmph.

With a length of 200 meters and a height of 50 meters, the flying hotel will offer travelers a one of a kind experience up in the skies. Filled to the core with bars, lounges, staterooms, conference rooms and casinos, the hotel will be able to carry 250 passengers in style.

The idea is currently in its planning stage and may soon move over to the developmental phase, considering the fact that Pasternak has already received funds for the same from many investors.

Hilton Hotel on the Moon

Hilton Hotel on the Moon

Image Source : Ichef.Bbci.Co.Uk

This one takes the cake for being one tourist trap that will be creative as well as sensational if it ever were to see the light of day. Conceptualized by Conrad Hilton the Lunar Hilton was a project aimed at taking space tourism to new heights (quite literally).

Hilton even went as far as selling reservation cards for the hotel opening. However, with time, everyone lost interest in the hotel and Hilton chose to remain mum about the hotel that would never appear on the moon.

A lot of creative designs often propel the idea to create unique tourist traps that will lure visitors from far and wide. These are only some of these tourist traps that not many knew were even thought about.

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