4 Ridiculously inept attempts at damage control in political scandals

One thing is common with celebrities and politicians. Every single move of them is noted; every single mistake of theirs is remembered and reminded at a later point of time to create havoc in their public as well as personal lives. In the case of political scandals, while some politicians own up to their mistakes, others try to cover up their mistakes with rather bizarre attempts at damage control. Here are 4 such instances where politicians tried to squirm their way out of a scandal with a failed attempt at damage control.

Hilary Clinton Email Scandal

Hilary Clinton Email Scandal

Image Source : Bbci.Co.Uk

Hilary Clinton’s presidential run seems to have run into trouble as the email scandal has become too large to control. Allegationsthat she used a private email server to bypass accountability during her reign as the secretary of state was enough to create a controversy of sorts.

Things snowballed out of control when the Obama Administration appointed intelligence community said that Hillary had used the private email server to send and receive highly confidential that if revealed, would damage national security. Hilary’s attempts to control the damage by being nonchalant about the scandal and indicating that she was not a technical expert also did not go down well with the masses.

Barack Obama VA Scandal

Barack Obama

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When Barack Obama addressed a press conference about the VA scandal where veterans were (and are still being) mistreated, one could easily have believed his sincere attempts at damage control. Sadly, the speech was an exact replica of earlier ones, including the ones he made for other scandals like Operations Fast and Furious, Benghazi and even the IRS.

It has been noted that in each of these scandals, nothing was done except bureaucratic cover ups, meaning the perpetrators had simply walked away without any issues in each scandal the administration has faced to this day.

John Stonehouse Fake Death Scandal

John Stonehouse Fake Death Scandal

Image Source : Cdn.Images.Express.Co.Uk

Talk about faking your own death in order to save face and a jail term. This is exactly what the Labor Minister of the British Parliament, John Stonehouse did in 1970 after being caught in several scandals relating to things like espionage and fraudulent and corrupt business scandals.

Stonehouse decided to fake his suicide by swimming out to sea and never returning; only he fled to Australia where he settled down with the pseudonym of an already dead individual. Of course, he was eventually caught and shipped back to the U.K. where he had the worst attempt at damage control in trying to explain his death and disappearance, not only to the authorities but to his wife as well.

Silvio BerlusconiBungaBunga Party Scandal

Silvio BerlusconiBungaBunga Party Scandal

Image Source : I2.Mirror.Co.Uk

The former Italian Prime Minister was very well known for his involvement in shady business practices, political corruption scandals and of course, bunga-bunga parties. When one of his mistresses got caught by the Italian police, Berlusconi got her freed on false allegations that she was the granddaughter of the Egyptian President.

Of course, that was not before the mistress had spilled the beans to the police who took her words as testimony to be used against Berlusconi in court. Berlusconi immediately shifted to damage control mode by saying that it was better to be interested in girls than in men, clearly targeting the gay community. The scandal and its after effects (with further allegations piling up) were so bad that they caused the entire Italian economy to crash down within just a few months.

Political scandals never go unnoticed. However, what remains in the minds of the people are the failed attempts at damage control that politicians adopt to save their face and their careers.

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