Weirdest roles our favorite celebs have ever played

We all end up making mistakes and we all repent it and keep cursing ourselves for committing the mistakes. But you are not alone. All of us including most of the celebs also make blunders. One such mistake is landing in a wrong movie.

  1. Oh what a party for Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence made her debut with a weird role in the 2008 movie Garden Party. The plot revolved around Lucy played by Vannessa Shaw who gets hold of young teenagers and encourages them to get involved in unlawful activities. Lawrence has a tiny role in the movie. It was perhaps not the best debut for the talented Lawrence.

  1. Don’t copy it Denzi

Denzel Washington

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The cute Denzel Washington played the role of a black teenager to looks out for his white father after his mother dies. The movie was on racism and showed how the white community where his screen father George Segal refused to accept his black son. However, the movie failed to create an impression.

  1. Not quite a hacker Jolie

movie Hackers

In 1995 movie Hackers Angelina Jolie played the role of a teenager. She along with her group of hacker buddies tries to protect the world from a virus. The movie was a tad bit weird for that period because computers and stuff were not that common in the nineties and hence did not really make much sense or create that Jolie magic.

  1. George and those stupid tomatoes

Return of the killer tomatoes

One really wonder’s what was George Clooney doing in a movie like Return of the killer tomatoes. It was a sequel of the movie Attack of the killer tomatoes. The stupid movie’s villain Gangrene had a chamber where these simple tomatoes are converted into replicas of human beings. The only saving factor was of George Clooney as Matt who played a ladies’ man in the movie.

  1. Oh boy Halle

Halle Berry played a stripper in the movie The Last Boy Scout

Halle Berry played a stripper in the movie The Last Boy Scout. The movie was hard attempt to create a perfect sports flick but had just too many things added to it right from drugs, blackmail and what not but did not have the perfect plot. The stripper Halle who played the love interest of Damon Wayans football playing character Jimmy could not save the movie.

  1. Oh no Aniston

Leprechaun Jennifer

In the horror movie Leprechaun Jennifer, played the role of Tory Redding. In the movie a killer Leprechaun goes around killing people till he gets the pot of Gold.

So as you can see the most famous celebs have also made mistakes. What is important is that they have not gone to the dumps with the wrong choices but have turned out to be some of the most sought after names in the industry.

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