5 Celebs Who Didn’t Give Up The Gym Even During Pregnancy

Kristin Cavallari was featured as the cover model for Fit Pregnancy, while Hilaria Baldwin didn’t gave up the gym even a single time during her pregnancy. Here are 5celebs that maintained their form during the demanding period.

5 Celebs That Stayed Fir During Their Pregnancy


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Popular R&B singer Ciara posted photos on Instagram that surprised her fans and almost anyone on the social channel that came across them. In the pics, the singer was spotted doing squats, medicine ball exercise and working out using the StairMaster while having a bump. During her pregnancy period, the R&B singer was helped by popular Hollywood trainer Gunnar Peterson to keep her physique in the right shape.

Hilaria Baldwin
Former yoga instructor has given birth to 3 children, and in none of the cases she ditched the gym. She usually posted her pregnancy period photos on Instagram. In most of them she can be seen exercising in the gym while carrying her unborn baby. Her captions gave motivation to other soon-to-be moms to stay fit during the pregnancy period.

Kelly Rowland

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Famed singer Kelly Rowland, teamed up with Hollywood favorite trainer Jeanette Jenkins to stay in the right form during her pregnancy in 2014. Following her doctor’s advice to do cardio, light weight training and yoga; she and Jeanette worked their way through 30-minute training sessions, 5 times in a week.

Kourtney Kardashian
Kourtney has 3 children and during each pregnancy time, she decided to train and maintain her fitness. In 2009, when she was bearing her first child; she was running regularly until 7 months. Then in 2012, she daily walked the hills with a pregnant friend. Most recently, she decided to become a dedicated yoga practitioner during her 3rd pregnancy time. In fact, she was featured as the cover model for Fit Pregnancy magazine during her 3rd time.

Kristin Cavallari

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While carrying her son Jaxon, Kristin was featured as the cover model for the famous Fit Pregnancy maternity magazine. To keep herself in the best possible shape, Cavallari resorted to regular gym exercise combined with coconut water and high-energy foods. With this, the Fabulist host displayed why she is always addressed by the media and her fans as a committed health nerd.

Celebs like Kourtney and Hilaria are a motivation to other soon-to-be moms to stay healthy and maintain their form even during the challenging pregnancy period.

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