5 Secret Signs of Donald Trump Supporters

Secret Signs of Donald Trump Supporters

Donald Trump might easily be one of the most popular political figures to ever appear on this planet, but most of his fame is for the wrong reasons. What’s worse is, despite his obvious stupidity and bigotry, Trump still continues have a huge following. To most of us, this comes as a surprise, but you shouldn’t be. After going through the views of people regarding why they still support trump and once again Trump’s own tweets and sayings, we have compiled a list of secret signs that almost every Trump supporter shares with each other. What these signs are? Let’s take a look.

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5 Secret signs of a Trump supporters

1. Don’t mind racism

Trump is a racistTrump is a racist. You don’t even have to watch news for that. It’s in the air. According to a poll by Washington Post-Ipsos, around 83% African Americans believe that Donald Trump is a racist. Most of them said that it’s a bad time to be black in America while it is good time to be white. We are sure that a poll among the Hispanics or immigrants would lead to identical results. All this is not without a reason, as racism is more than just state of mind. Trump rarely leaves an occasion to let people know about his racial intolerance.

Times when Trump proved that he is a racist

  • In his 2015 election campaign Trump called Mexican immigrants ‘rapists’ alleging that they bring crime and drugs into the US.
  • Judge Gonzalo Curiel was overseeing Trump University lawsuit. Trump argued that he needed to rescue himself as the judge was of a Mexican heritage.
  • In 2016, Trump said to black voters that since they are living in poverty and are unemployed for the most part. They have nothing to lose.
  • Following the weeks of white supremacist protests in Charlottesville, Trump said that both sides were to be blamed for the chaos and also said that even among the white supremacists there are some very fine people.
  • Tweeting the names of several brown and black members of the Congress, Trump rebuked them by saying that they belong to countries whose governments are total catastrophe, even when most of the candidates that he targeted were born in the US.
  • Against the evidence, Trump still maintains that the convicts in the 1989 Central Park Jogger Rape Case were the black and Latino guys who were initially booked, even though DNA tests confirm that they were done by an imprisoned serial rapist, who also made confessions of his crime.

2. Religiously intolerant

Trump is so anti-muslim that if you confront a Trump supporter saying that he is anti-muslim, they’d rarely reply to you that he isn’t (even they know he is). They are more likely to tell you that most of the Muslims are terrorist and then they would recount everything from 9-11 to ISIS as a proof of their assertion. As far as being anti-muslim is concerned, Trump too is not very far from his supporters. Time and again he has made clear his views on this issue.

Times when Trump proved that he is anti-muslim

  • In his infamous 2015 speech as a candidate, Trump called for an out and out ban on all of the Muslims coming to the US.
  • In a debate in 2016 when asked about whether all 1.6 billion Muslims hate the US, Trump replied that a lot of them do.
  • Back in 2010, referring to Muslims Trump commented on the Ground Zero Mosque by saying that somebody is blowing us, our buildings and doing a lot of bad stuff.
  • Trump falsely claimed that while he was in New Jersey at the time of 9/11 attacks, he had watched Muslims celebrate the occasion.
  • Trump has again and again called for surveillance of both American Muslims and mosques.
  • In November 2017 Trump retweeted three anti-Muslim propaganda videos which were originally posted by Jayda Fransen. These videos showed violent Muslims who were destroying Christian Symbols.

3. Stupid

Donald Trump is the 45th President of United States of AmericaAlmost all of us prefer to be led by someone who possesses a superior intelligence when compared to most of us. Most of the previous leaders of American clearly seemed more intelligent than most of their citizens. But, in Trump’s case we were rather skeptical. We thought that since he is so obviously stupid, people won’t elect him, but they did. This doesn’t show that Trump is intelligent. It just shows how stupid the majority of Americans have become. Even the media hates Trump. To point out the times when Trump behaved stupidly would be outside the scope of this article. Nevertheless, we couldn’t help bringing you some of these facts.

Times when Trump proved that he is stupid

  • In July 2016, Kzir Khan, the father of American Soldier Humayun Khan who died in Afghanistan, rebuked Trump saying that he doesn’t know the constitution of the US. While he did so, his wife was standing sorrowfully by his side. Trump, rather than defending himself, commented on the grief-stricken woman saying ‘She had nothing to say.’ ‘Maybe she wasn’t allowed to say anything.’ In reply to him Mrs. Khan wrote that she was overcome by grief as she had a picture of her late son behind her. And she added that Trump who himself has children didn’t have any reason to wonder why she didn’t speak.
  • In a video that surfaced during the 2016 US presidential elections, Donald Trump and Billy Bush had an extremely lewd conversation about women. Remarking Arianne Zucker, he said that ‘When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything.’
  • Describing MNNBC anchor Mika Brzezinski, Trump said that she is ‘low I.Q. crazy Mika’ and that at the time of social gathering at Trump’s resort ‘she was badly bleeding from a facelift’.
  • During his election campaign, Trump tweeted the image of his wife Melania Trump (who was once a fashion model) negatively comparing her looks to that of Heidi Cruz (the wife of Ted Cruz his main rival at that time). Defending his wife Cruz said, ‘Real men don’t attack women.’
  • In an interview with CNN Trump described himself as the least racist person that is there.
  • Mcsweeneys has been keeping track of atrocities that Trump committed since 11 February 2011. These include everything from sexual misconduct racism to policies and environment. They have counted 546 atrocities so far. That’s not all. CNN too published the 199 wildest Donald Trump lines of 2019, which is just a rounded off number as Trump must have said much more than that.

4. Money Worshipper

This is something that we found while going through the views of the people who still support Trump on the internet. While most of these ‘views’ seemed paid and made-up, they said one thing again and again. All of them went something like ‘Trump is a businessman and not a politician’ or ‘Trump has got a business background and so no one understands American better than Trump’. They might be thinking that if he can bring money to himself, then he surely would bring money to their country and to them too. However, while thinking like that they forget that a businessman, even if he were a communist businessman, would think only of his profits and not his nation’s profit. Moreover, those who think that Trump’s personal profits are linked with their nation’s profit need to learn the ABC of capitalism.

5. Claim to be ‘Original’ Americans

Trump SupportersThis is what everything boils down to. When you remove all the refugees, other races and Muslims from America, what’s left in the US is just white people. They constitute the majority of American population and a large portion of them are stupid enough to believe the idea that they are the original people of America. Trump too keeps on saying that he is an American, and he lays too much of stress on people about whom he claims that they aren’t American. One big example of this is the fact that Trump repeatedly claimed that Barack Obama is an outsider even when Obama released his birth certificate.

The worst part of this belief is the foolishness inherent in it. Even by original if you mean the people who were the first to occupy a particular region, then it is the red Indians and not the American whites who can make that claim. But the whole idea about the original Americanness is downright stupid and it is nothing but Trump’s own superiority complex magnified to a national scale.

Final Words

The other more significant sign of Trump supporters is that you’d find them wearing caps which have the slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ printed on it. It implies many things. First, American isn’t great now. Second, America used to be great once. Third, Trump is the person who can bring back the greatness by removing from American that which isn’t great. This phrase itself is enough to show what is required of you to be a Trump supporter. Just like Hitler, Trump has somehow found a way to direct the hatred of the stupid white majority, and surprisingly it is working.

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