5 things that you probably didn’t know about retired NFL players

Derrick Brooks

We all love our favorite NFL players on the pitch. Unfortunately, we never get to know much about what happens to them after retirement. As a matter of fact, the only time people get to hear of retired NFL players is when they go broke. But that’s not the news you want to hear about your favorite but retired players. You want to know how they are inspiring others, by being role models to future generations. It is on this premise that we have compiled for you a list of 5 things you didn’t know about retired NFL players.

  1. LeCharles Bentley is leading the way in offensive line drills

LeCharles Bentley

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If you watched football in the 2000s then you know that LeCharles is one of the better known players in the NFL. You will be glad to know that after his retirement, LeCharles committed his time to training young players on offensive line drills. Young inexperienced players find it challenging to come off the ball slowly when working as offensive linemen. With the help of LeCharles and other pros, young players are getting better at this move. You can, therefore, rest easy knowing that LeCharles is playing a role in making the game better even in retirement.

  1. Chafie Fields is helping nurture upcoming football talent

Chafie may have retired almost 20 years ago, but he is doing an exceptional job helping young players get into the game, and do so successfully. Chafie’s motivation is the manner in which, agents mistreat players by taking advantage of their naivety. In his view, this is what leaves many NFL players broke after they leave the game. Chafie uses his expertise both in and outside the field to help players have a more holistic lifestyle that allows them have financially stable lives. That’s quite inspirational.

  1. Derrick Brooks is now the president of a football club

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You most likely know Derrick Brooks, one of the best linebackers in the NFL. But did you know that his management skills are top notch too? Derrick is now president of the Tampa bay storm, a team that plays in the Arena football league.  Derrick’s story is one of brains and brawn combined. He is inspiring other NFL players to know that there is life after retirement, which is great considering the high degree of failure amongst retired players.

  1. Patrick Kerney is pursuing an MBA

If you are a fan of the Seattle Seahawks or the Atlanta Falcons, then you know that Patrick Kerney was one of the best in the game, before he retired in 2010. You will be surprised to know that after he hanged his boots, Kerney decided to go back to school for an MBA. His reason? He wants to prepare for life outside of the game, and not end up in the failure statistics of the NFL. He is definitely an inspiration to young people looking to enter the NFL, knowing that one can always choose a different career path after their playing days are over.

  1. Eugene Profit is now a hedge fund manager

Eugene ProfitImage Source : static3.businessinsider.com

You got that right! A former NFL player is now a hedge fund manager overseeing more than $2 billion. Though you may not know him much, he played in the 1980s; Profit has managed to leverage his skills in the field to become a savvy financial manager. That’s quite an inspiration both for NFL players, and their fans, who may be thinking of a career change but lack the motivation to do so.

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