5 Types Of Hobbies One Should have

Types Of Hobbies One Should have

Different Hobbies To Cultivate And Their Importance

Hobbies are an escape from boredom. They are a tool that can help you spend your free time in a more productive manner. Developing a hobby can actually develop your character and can help you become an interesting human.

Pursuing your hobbies can make you meet more likeminded people and help you make friends that like the same things as you do. Some hobbies can also get your creative juices flowing. Having a diverse set of hobbies can actually have multiple benefits.

Mindfully cultivating your hobbies can actually make you fitter, smarter, happier, kinder, and a creative person in life. Few hobbies can actually also work out as a side source of some extra income.

Hobbies are a great way to pass your time, which can also have multiple benefits on your social and personal life.

I personally believe every person should have at least 5 different kinds of hobbies.

1)   A Hobbie That Keeps You Fit

Cultivating a hobby that can actually help you with physical fitness is very important for leading a happy and healthy life.

There are actually multiple kinds of habits that can help you maintain your physical fitness.

For example:

●     Jogging.


Going for a run every day has an excellent amount of health benefits. It keeps your weight in check and also gives you a good boost of energy that keeps you active all day long.

●     Dancing.

Dancing can be a great way to burst the stress, and it is a fun and entertaining way to pass your time that also has multiple health benefits. Apart from the general health benefits of exercising, dancing can also make your body more flexible. It can get you in touch with your inner child.

●     Learn Yoga.

Learn YogaYoga is a traditional Indian way of exercising your mind and body. It not only regulates your physical body but also provides multiple mental health benefits. Doing yoga also reduces stress and makes you calmer in your life.

●     Play Sports

One of the best ways to cultivate a habit that you don’t get demoted from continuing is to learn a new sport. Playing sports generally involves a group activity or at least two players. This can also provide an external stimulus for your motivation.

Playing sports can improve your concentration level and focus in life.

●     Go Hiking

Go HikingA great way to exercise your body, and also a great chance to be one with nature.Hiking also provides you with a much-needed break from your fast-paced digital life.

You discover new places, and being around nature away from the hustle of your urban life will also make you more happy in life.It will rejuvenate you and give you a fresh perspective of your everyday life.

2)   A Hobby That Makes You Smarter

●     Reading

Reading keeps you updatedReading keeps you updated with what’s going around in the world. As the famous saying goes, a book is a person’s best friend.

Reading about current world affairs can actually help you increase the level of your general knowledge. (You don’t want to have an Aalia Bhatt movement now, do you?)

If you are not into reading too much, then start reading about the subject that you are already passionate about. This will keep you engaged and help you cultivate your habit. You can then expand your horizons and explore new areas of your interests.

To enhance the effectiveness of your reading, also practice writing. Write down any new information, word, concept that you come across while reading.

●     Learning A New Language

Learning a new language can form new neural pathways that can make you smarter. It also opens the doorway to new cultures. It improves your memory power and your multi-tasking ability. It also makes you more social and more accepting of other cultures and traditions.

●   Playing Mind Games


No, I don’t mean the silly games that you play with your respective spouse. Who’s going to text first? Should I wait before replying? Should I tell him\her what’s bothering me or should I act distant? These games are not a very good way of spending your precious time.

However, games like Chess, Sudoku, Scrabble, Cards etc, can provide a healthy exercise to your mind. All these games involve using your brain in different ways, and few games require you to use your analytical skills while others involve forming strategies.

Games like scrabble give a good brush up to your language skills and help you learn new words.

3)   Hobbies That Make You Kinder

●     Doing Social Work

Doing-Social-WorkPick up an activity that helps you give back to nature or society. There are so many places you can volunteer and help them with social causes. You can volunteer as a part-time teacher for street kids, or spend some time at an old age home.

There are so many drives that keep on happening to increase awareness of various issues. You can also volunteer at pet shelters if you like to spend time with our furry friends. Whatever hits closest to home, pick that cause and work towards that.

You will not only help society but will also develop more empathy towards others. It can give you the satisfaction of being a part of something that serves a bigger purpose.

4)   Hobbies That Make You Creative

●     Drawing

Hobbies That Make You CreativeThe best hobby that can make the creative juices flowing is drawing and painting. Playing with colors can actually make your brain more creative in real life as well. It is also a great way to release stress.

●     Knitting And Sewing

Yes, knitting and sewing can actually make you more creative. It gives you the satisfaction of creating something from your own hand. It also gives you a much-needed break from the digital world.

It keeps your mind engaged and helps you fight the negative thoughts. It also helps you increase your concentration level. If you become really good at it, it can actually become an additional source of income.

●     Learning To Play An Instrument

Learning To Play An InstrumentIt helps you to enhance your verbal memory. It can also help you increase your spatial reasoning. Learning how to play an instrument uses both sides of your brain which actually makes your brain more creative as well as sharp. It can also give you a sense of achievement.

It makes you an interesting human.

5)   Hobbies That Make You Happy

Well pursuing any kind of hobby can make you happy in life. It gives your life a sense of fulfillment. It can be a productive way of passing your time. It can make you more social.

Being productive also has a positive impact on the sense of self which can, in turn, make us happier.

They can help you release stress in a very healthy manner and have various mental and physical health benefits.

To conclude, hobbies give you the motivation to live your life outside of work. It gives you the satisfaction of being and living. It can help you make new friends when you move into a new place and develop your social skills.

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