When in need for some soulful music, or listlessly searching for some earth-shaking musical, just for a breather, from domestic and official commitments, you have to just hit the YouTube button on your smartphone. You could base your next party entirely on the themes in the list, or choose soulful R & B music to bring you down to calm when you are especially stressed out. A couple of such sites enlisted below have enjoyed seemingly huge popularity with the discerning masses.


With options catering to every mood and taste, buttons with a drop-down list, and a larger than life high definition, the Google-owned YouTube, as a channel, has never failed its ardent fans when it comes to seamless music streaming. Upon a click, you will be flooded with a list of official music videos with their respective official channels, homemade videos, and even lyric videos that spell out the songs. You can even find the upcoming concert list of promising newbies, and recommended music and artists.


Vevo puts together an assortment of musicals gathered from a variety of streaming sites such as YouTube. In a joint partnership with Sony and Universal, the Vevo enjoys a unique standing. Technically well equipped with the HD option, Vevo helps you sort the videos by genre, popularity and the date of release. You can show your preference for a video by clicking on “like “button after logging in, and create your own playlists.


Vimeo offers the dual advantage of a music streaming and video-based social networking.  The staff picks section relieves you of manual searches. The users can also share their personal favorites on Facebook and Twitter. Just click on “number of plays”, the “popularity”, the “date” or the “alphabetical listings” to access that long-forgotten song or lyrics which you longed to revisit.

MTV Videos:

MTV videos, the eternal favorites have enthralled generations of listeners, from the 90s to now, with their constantly updating trendy hits, and engaging staff picks. An interesting hub of latest video premiers, the MTV videos streams its collections that are grouped under themes.  MTV also offers its interesting service “artists to watch” that spots the bright talents that promise to take on the music world by storm.


Constantly updating songs, from trendy to the soul stirrers, Billboard, has proved itself as a reliable ranking system. Each song on the list connects to similar songs from the same band with just a click. You would find a chart that is crafted for every need, for every genre or theme.  Not only the video captured live performances along with the regular quota of music news, it is also the lively musicals and fresh content that has helped enormously.

Music Video Genome:

The Music Video Genome, the less famous sounding board for popular sites such as YouTube, and Vimeo, and powered by VHX, is basically a search engine. Otherwise known as personalized music television, this site responds to your query within a second.  Type in your query in the search box and get ready for a lilting melodious weekend with some high definition music and an option to skip to the next song at the drop of a hat.


Muzu.tv offers a maze of navigable choices, which you can use to breeze through a range of videos selected by the respective ‘Genre’ and ‘Charts’ or “current event.”  If you are in a mood to just skim through the contents,  “New releases” or “Breaking artists “ would come in handy.  Entertain yourself occasionally with a ‘Video Fight Club’ and its constantly updating jukebox. The ‘Jam’ function offers the benefits of Spotify Radio as well.

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