6-yr RI to Sanjay Dutt a strong message to high class society

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Tuesday was not the fateful day for the ‘Destiny Child’ Sanjay Dutt as the special TADA court judge PD Kode awarded him six-year of rigorous imprisonment under the arms act. A shell shocked Dutt was reportedly trembling and almost in tears as the judge gave his ruling in the court.

Now, Dutt has filed a bail petition in the Supreme Court, hearing on which will begin on Tuesday afternoon. The sentencing may change his fate, his film career and the fate of the several film projects also in which Dutt was committed to.

According to the report, the future of at least three films with a budget of over Rs 15 crore may go in dark now. These film projects are Sanjay Gupta’s Alibaug, Sanjay Gadhvi’s Kidnap and Abbas-Mustan’s Mr Fraud.

Moreover, he has signed Rajkumar Hirani’s Munnabhai Chale Amrika and Sujoy Ghosh’s Alladin and the fate of these projects would face the same music. However, Indra Kumar was lucky to complete the film Dhamaal that will be released on September 7.

He is probably the only actor who succeeded to manage his professional career and personal life despite of several setbacks. Dutt is regarded by many as a misguided child-man rather than the bad boy he has often been painted out to be. Kumar Gaurav said that people call him ‘Deadly Dutt’ because of his personality but he is a soft guy basically.

Anupam Kher said that Dutt has already suffered enough. Satish Kaushik said Sanju baba has always proved himself as a great colleague and a great friend to the industry.

sanjay dutt a great actor jailed

The verdict has sent shocking news to the film industry and filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt said that this verdict is a blow to the film fraternity and especially to him. At the same time, he said that he could understand the court’s position. The court has been harsh in providing sentences to other accused in the case.

Boman Irani said:

I am speechless. My reaction is emotional. It’s taking a little bit of time to sink in because we thought that the worst is over. Dutt has been already traumatized for a long time just waiting and watching. He is a very sensitive person.

Saira Bano said:

We feel disappointed. He is an extension of our family. This is too much. They could have lessened the punishment because he is a good boy. The media could have played a bigger role in saving him. Dilip sahab and my heart bleed for him.

sanjay dutt jailed
With greater respect to court’s verdict on Sanjay Dutt, so many people have their own opinion on the verdict. Some say that Dutt must be put away again just to send out a strong, strong message that the long arm of law spares no one. Some says that PD Kode had only proved that all Indians are equal in the eyes of law.

According to some opinion, Sanjay Dutt must be made an example in the high-class people and celebrities among the rich and famous that if you have bad company, you would definitely get a taste of law either with them or without them.

Some people have soft corners in their heart for Sanjay Dutt and they say that he has already suffered enough for one bad mistake. He has paid enough his dues for being a silly, young, impulsive man. One can imagine his psychological state, who knows he wasn’t part of any blast conspiracy, but standing among those accused in the case.

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