8 Best Educational YouTube Channels For Everyone


YouTube is the topmost website for streaming and downloading videos related to all walks of life. Be it entertainment, documentaries, or news – YouTube is the go-to place for anyone looking for a quick or a detailed information on anything and everything. In this light, why should education remain behind? YouTube Edu, a branch of the parent website, is the place where you can find all things educational. Combining education and entertainment, various channels on YouTube Edu aims to provide free and open knowledge to people globally. So, here are 8 best educational YouTube channels for everyone.


SmarterEveryDayImage Source : img.purch.com

SmarterEveryDay is a channel on YouTube that posts videos about science. And not just general science, these videos cover the deep aspects of day-to-day stuff that penetrates the surface of the science that we study every day.

Right from a video that shows how you can measure a millionth of an inch to visuals showing what shockwaves look like in ultra-slow motion – SmarterEveryDay is one of the best educational YouTube channels for everyone because it delves into much more than what standard education allows us to.


CrashCourse is your last-minute guide to answers you can’t understand otherwise. John Green, the owner and the host of the channel, aims to provide easy explanations to difficult concepts in a span of 5 to 15 minutes. With videos on history, literature, psychology and science – CrashCourse is one of the best educational YouTube channels for everyone.

With a combination of theoretical and vocational subjects, this is the channel that caters to people from all educational streams and professions. The USP of this channel is the fluid and interactive animation that makes the studying process easy and fun. Go check it out, you will surely fall in love with this channel.

ExamFear Education

ExamFear EducationThis channel is one of the top educational YouTube channels for Indian students. If you are an Indian student, you must have, at some point in your life, experienced the crippling fear of the examination process. And as you progress higher and higher from one class to the other, learning becomes difficult. Complex concepts can make you cringe. And sometimes, even the best teacher or the guide book cannot seem to help.

When this happens, go check out ExamFear Education. This youtube channel has all the deets about every concept from every subject – from class 6 to class 12, coupled with video lessons about competitive exams such NEET.

Right from the rules of English grammar to the names of the elements on the periodic table in Physics – with video lessons in almost every aspect of every subject, this channel is also one of the most informative YouTube channel for kids.


SunnyKidsTVIf you have a toddler who’s just learning to speak, then this channel is just for you. SunnyKidsTV is a YouTube channel that makes learning fun and interactive for your toddler. With colorful animation and rhythmic verses, this channel teaches your kid a variety of things – from the names of the alphabets and the colors to identifying numbers and fruits and vegetables.

Vibrant cartoon characters keep your toddler glued to the video lessons. SunnyKidsTV is one of the best way to let your child learn without getting distracted. One of the most informative YouTube channel for kids, SunnyKidsTV is your solution to teaching your kid the basic education.


VsauceImage Source : i.ytimg.com

Vsauce is undoubtedly one of the best educational YouTube channels for education in 2018. Covering topics from human behavior, space, and culture to art, perception and technology – Vsauce definitely has the sauce for every topic you can think of.

For the curious mind, the experiment videos do the trick. Vsauce is your source to everything that your textbooks ought to cover, but doesn’t. The channel’s approach to current topics make it one of the best YouTube channels for education in 2018. Unconventional and informative, Vsauce is a channel you must check out if your thirst for knowledge is insatiable.

Today I Found Out is one of the best educational YouTube channels for everyone

Today I Found OutImage Source : i.ytimg.com

Today I Found Out is a channel that posts at least 1 video every day. This video answers some of the most random and unique questions you never even knew you had. Right from the worth of an Oscar to that lump that forms in our throats when we cry – Today I Found Out has an answer to the most bizarre questions.

Today I Found Out answers general questions- questions that aren’t specifically scientific, literary, or technical. This makes Today I Found Out one of the best educational YouTube channels for everyone in this world.

On a side note, imagine some of the questions (which you felt were too silly to ask) – answered in just 10-20 minutes. If it sounds good, check out the channel.

Thought Café

Thought CaféIf there is a YouTube channel that covers offbeat topics successfully, then it is Thought Café. So if you ever wondered if interstellar travel is possible or what does the solar system sound like, head to Thought Café and watch their videos.

Apart from being one of the best YouTube channels for education in 2018, Thought Café also provides animation for channels like CrashCourse. Thought Café is indeed one of the most interesting channels out there. You shouldn’t miss a visit there.


NumberphileImage Source : i.ytimg.comv

Numberphile is all things numbers. This YouTube channel goes beyond math to reveal the magic that every number in our universe holds. If numbers have always made you inquisitive, then you must check out Numberphile.

This YouTube channel, perhaps one of the best YouTube channels for education in 2018, is your gateway to a world of numbers – where you learn lunar arithmetic, the concept of a 5-sided square, card tricks, cryptography and much more.

The possibilities with numbers are infinite. But Numberphile is your stepping stone to this infinite universe. So go ahead and check the videos on this channel. You won’t regret it.

This article simply gives a glimpse into the educational sideof YouTube. But there is no end to the explorations of a curious mind.

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