Six Proven Ways to Improve Employee Satisfaction

No matter where we live or what we do, we are perpetually pursuing a state of well-being. Our egos crave to be stroked and our mental state is dependent on the amount of recognition and praise they receive. It isn’t easy to maintain a healthy mental attitude about oneself, so we often find ourselves in situations that prick our egos or deflate any sense of pleasure we might have built up over time.Being satisfactorily employed can be one of the most effective ways to keep our emotions on a high. We live in a society which demands that we spend a good part of our lives in the workplace, many of us sitting in front of a computer in an office filled with others just like ourselves. We take on many challenges and tasks and hope somehow to do a good job and perhaps stand out from all the rest.

It is the responsibility of the business owner or office manager to maintain worker motivation and productivity. This isn’t always easy to do. But keeping employee satisfaction high is beneficial to both the members of the team and the success of the business. So, when the atmosphere in the office becomes somewhat stale and you feel you need to do something to perk up your spirit, try some of these suggestions:

Increase communication between you and your employees


According to a report on employee job satisfaction and engagement published recently by The Society for Human Resource Management, what matters most to employees is communication between employees and senior management. Included in this is the need to be treated like real people and acknowledged as valuable members of the organization.

One method for increasing trust and communication is to have regular constructive discussions where your employees can share their challenges, achievements, and ideas. These regular conversations can result in increased performance feedback, which is important to both managers and workers.

Pile on the praise and acknowledgement

Recognizing employees for who they are and what they bring to the business is key to a healthy office environment. In fact, respectful, trusting relationships are considered more valuable to an employee than monetary increases or improved medical plans. Managers who publically recognize employees for their accomplishments and strengths empower them to do their best work and encourage them to be far more engaged, productive and creative. This can go a long way towards improving employee satisfaction.

Encourage office socializing

business team of three in office and planning work

Set up an office configuration that fosters communication by arranging workstations in such a manner that employees can talk to each other face to face. Make a big deal of birthdays and holidays with office celebrations. Balloons and a special cake are usually enough to make workers feel special.

Give employees more control over their schedules, environment, and/or work habits

Offer alternative work schedules such as flextime or telecommuting. Alternate days when some workers can arrive in the office at 11:00 instead of 9:00 can help them stay motivated. Every person has different obligations outside of work so customized schedules are a great way to show the employee that you value him.

Crack the daily monotony by planning activities outside the office

Suggest an office trip to a sports event or cultural production. Set up a community volunteer project and work together to make it successful. Invite guest speakers to the office to present new ideas and concepts.

Ensure good health in the office

Cleanliness is important in preventing diseases and colds so keep the kitchen spotless and free of harmful items. Order healthy lunches from time to time and encourage your workers to start exercising. Keeping physically fit is vital to employee satisfaction as it works hand in hand with reducing stress and anxiety.

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