8 Tips for First Time Kisses with a Girl

Tips for First Time Kisses with a Girl

This sounds corny coming out of anyone’s mouth as if to say kissing is rocket science. Well, it is, or it seems that way when things go wrong. Remember first impressions? Well, a kiss can send someone laughing hysterically, crying, and even disgusted.

If it is the first time, several things could spark more feelings, or send things into hibernation altogether. It takes two to tango, but with the first kiss, it all rests on you. She won’t and doesn’t need to put much effort into anything.

Do’s and Don’ts

Kissing while making love for the umpteenth time is different from the first kiss. Many get sloppy when they’ve been in relationships a while, making pecks sexier. If you are into Ukrainian brides dating online, they will need a perfect lip-lock to maintain interest.

1.   Refrain from Sloppiness

French kissing requires some finesse, sometimes lots, based on enthusiasm. If she’s ready for the kiss, keep your tongue in your mouth, not hers, at least for now. Smacking her lips is one thing. Shoving a tongue down her throat will happen eventually.

2.   Lead her into It

Some ladies prefer being led into the kiss, not having it imposed on them. Surprises work fine in some cases, but grabbing her arm is perfect. Take her slowly, guide her into a private room, or enclosed area, and plant one on her. Be sure she’s okay with it first, which is why doing it privately is crucial.

3.   Desires

These desires might not include public displays of affection. The first smack on her lips lets you know this. Invite her into the kiss, getting to know if she enjoys kissing. This is another reason private kisses are important. If attempts to smooch her go awry, maybe she’s not into it.

4.   Caress Her

Take time to know her body first, touching her shoulders, arms, and legs if you wish. It teaches you the ins and outs of dating, and how to handle her body. Sometimes, she might open up quickly to you, being sensual from the beginning. This is a sign that a passionate smooch is in order. Do not disappoint with a peck, rather, French her to heaven.

5.   Stay Clean

Maintain a clean breath always, using a breath freshener or spray, or gum. Gum and sweets are easier to come and can be sourced spontaneously. Your first smack might not be perfect, but your breath has to be clean. Nothing will send her running and disgusted faster than smelly breath, regardless of how groomed you are.

6.   Read the Signs

Another tip for successful Ukraine brides dating experience is reading the signs. Ladies sometimes love licking lips and touching their hair when attracted to someone. This shows they are interested in more than flirting. If standing close to her, she might begin to smile more, lick her lips, or smile while looking down. This is a sign you need to make a move, and kissing is a must-try

7.   Maker Her Comfortable

If you are at home, this is the best scenario for a peck. The privacy and options for the tailor-fit ambiance are perfect for a first lip-locking session. Be romantic, perhaps with candles and less noise to make her comfortable. Lay on the sofa or bed, but somewhere she feels comfortable. She mustn’t feel awkward about the date itself. This sets off alarm bells that perhaps you want to sleep with her soonest when all you need is a peck on the lips.

Practice these principles and guides to ensure a less awkward first time and more loving moving forward. Ukraine babes love pecking like any other, and the first needs to make a lasting impression.

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