8- Tips to maintain a healthy long distance relationship

Video-call whenever possible

Every relationship is different in their own ways. Seeing someone we love activates our senses and gives a content feeling all the way. But how about someone you love endless and cannot able to see them every day. Yes, talking about a long-distance relationship, it sometimes becomes very difficult to maintain that warmth and emotion. However, when you truly and deeply love someone, distance is just a matter of pretext. Yes, in many cases, long distance relationship is better than those who are living together. You just have to put a little effort to maintain a long distance relationship and it can give a fruitful result.

Take it as an opportunity

depression Living away from your partner sometimes is stressful for both of you. People tend to get emotionally, mentally weak as lack of seeing each other in front. This can lead to depression and can affect your connection. Being positive and seeing it as an opportunity is the key. Consider this phase of your life as a learning experience for both of you and take it as a test of your love for each other. Always believe that this distance will make your relationship even stronger than overthinking and cribbing that it is pulling you two apart. Always try and make an effort to keep your partner happy. This can help your relationship grow better making it successful.

Communication is the key

Communication is the keyA small “good morning” and “good night” message can make anyone day happy and bright especially when it received from your loved ones. Always make an effort to greet each other, this is a must. This might seem very normal and boring but it actually helps the partner feel special to maintain a long distance relationship. Try to update them with your life routine and everyday happenings, share pictures, video or the something special if you have experienced in your routine. By sharing all these little moments of lives, you make the person feel special and part of your everyday life.

Plan trips to an unknown city together

Visiting each other’s place is always a nice idea as it gives you the personal time to spend. But traveling a place which is unknown is a great way to spend time. Spending quality time with each other in the cities that neither of you lives in an exciting way to spend the special time. This way, you can explore the city, experience some beautiful and interesting place and also keep the spark alive in your relationship. Plan and meet at a place where you have not to travel and spend time together. This can help your relationship fresh and alive as every time you get to experience your love in the new environment and it can never get sour.

Have a discussion

Have a discussionTalk everything out to each other. What you feel and what’s your state of mind. Communicating everything can make the relationship alive and fresh. This way you can able to communicate and solve each other problem even if you are not in front of them. It can give your relationship a sense of satisfaction that you are there with each other even in this tough phase of life.

Be Committed to the Relationship

Be Committed to the RelationshipTrust, respect, commitment, and abundance of love are the foremost important aspect of any relationship. Especially when you are pursuing a long distance relationship, it is a must. Many people get carried away by the word itself and lack in commitment. Long distance relationship is a test to see how strong and committed your love for each other is. Be strong and honest with each other. Do not hide any secret from each other as sooner or later it can be revealed which can cause soreness in the relationship. Instead, try and discuss the issues and problem to make it work, solve it together and let him/her help you overcome the problem. This way you can involve in both good and bad times which makes it strong and powerful.

Focus on quality communication

phone call or video callSome researchers say that many couples who live in long distance relationship are more satisfied than the couples who live together. This happens a couple who lives far can actually realize the importance and how precious their relationship and communication opportunities are. The couple who meets after a long gap of time knows the value of spending every moment together. But that lacks in communication for the couples in a long distance relationship. Sometimes, you lack to have quantity communication but you have to surpass then when it comes to quality. Choose your words wisely and understand the lack of phone call or video calls. Always keep in mind to make that little time, phone call or Skype call more effective and special. You can always show your love and intimacy no matter how far you are and how many countries divide you.

Know each other’s schedules

Know each other’s schedulesLiving away from each other gives you space and freedom and you have to learn and respect the same. Firstly, know each other’s schedule. Just because you are free, that doesn’t mean that your partner is also free and sitting at home. You should know when he/ she are busy so that you can have a chat or call. Keep in mind the small and big events in their everyday schedule especially when you are living in different countries with different time zone. Drop a message or voice message prior in case you think your work can take time.

Video-call whenever possible

Video-call whenever possibleWhat’s better than seeing each other even if you are living across miles from each other? Messages, chats, and phone calls are good ideas but looking into each other’s eyes and talking just makes you feel closer to each other. So never miss a chance to have a video call with your partner and share everyday moments with them to make your relationship stronger and more unique.

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