Is she cheating? 4 signs your long distance girlfriend is unfaithful

Long-distance relationships are stressful. You can lose context through digital communication such as text messages, and your intimacy can suffer without physical touch. Additionally, other factors besides distance could be pulling you apart. Discover four signs that your long-distance girlfriend is being unfaithful.

She Doesn’t Talk About Her Friends

If she doesn’t talk much about the people she’s hanging out with, she may not want you to know about another man in her life. This behavior is especially true if she is constantly away from her home, but she never provides details about who she’s with other than saying something vague such as “friends from work.”

Of course, the pendulum could swing the other way as well if she talks too much about one friend in particular. If she has one male friend that she always seems to hang out with and who always seems to be there for her, then he could be more than only a friend.

Now, avoid jumping to conclusions. People can have friends of the opposite gender, and you will look like a possessive caveman if you get jealous of every work buddy.

She Can’t Find Time for You Anymore

Most long-distance couples establish some sort of routine to stay close. You might call your girlfriend during your lunch break or she might call you while she’s getting ready for work in the morning. When you first move away, these calls serve as a lifeline.

If your girlfriend is starting to miss this communication or wants to cut it off, she might not want to talk to you or wants to avoid your calls. She might be sharing her day with someone else instead.

She’s Relaxed Only When She Calls You

If you call your girlfriend out of the blue, does she sound stressed or eager to get off of the call with you? If this behavior happens each time, you might sense an avoidance pattern taking place. This situation is especially relevant if she’s calm only when she calls you and talks to you on her terms.

What are you interrupting? What does she not want the people around her to hear?

She’s Not Excited for a Visit

When you started dating one another, getting to visit each other was the best part. You eagerly awaited your visit for weeks and savored the time long after you left. Has this feeling changed? If she says she’s too busy for a visit or now isn’t a good time, then she could be trying to keep you away. Of course, another sign that your girlfriend is cheating is that she only wants to come visit you and never wants you to visit her.

While none of the signs above are comprehensive proof that your girlfriend is being unfaithful, they do highlight some symptoms of a problem in the relationship. By knowing what signals to look for in your relationship, you can spot the difference between your girlfriend leading a busy life and living in infidelity.

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