A Campaign to Ban Launch of Killer Robots…Yes You Read it Right

We have all watched sci-fi movies predicting the robots taking over the world and kill humans but never taken the prospect of a robot getting stronger and smarter than human seriously. However, unlike most of the common people who hardly pays any attention to the prospect of transformation of sci-fi stories into reality, there seems to be a group of highly fore-sighted people who takes it very seriously and even launched a campaign in London to ban the production of killer robots.

The New York based human rights group called Human Right Watch launched a massive campaign against killer robots and are also trying to create an international coalition for calling a global treaty intended to impose a comprehensive and pre-emptive ban on developing any kind of artificially intelligent weapons. The rights group also warned about the possibility of a powerful robotic arms race if one single country takes a step to develop robotic arms and enter them into services.


Human Right Watch’s arms division director Steve Goose claimed that the production of lethal arms robot will allow them to target and kill any living beings without human intervention and this should be stopped even before it gets developed. He also added that decisions on a battlefield should always be made by humans and giving responsibilities to killer robots in the future will cross all moral as well as legal boundaries.

The campaign is also supported by many non-governmental organizations who were previously involved in efforts leading to the ban of anti-personnel landmines, blinding lasers and cluster munitions. The activists of the campaign created a homemade robot and wheeled it out before the Houses of Parliament in London and protested strongly against the use and development of any killer robots by the government.

The United States has first introduced the idea of military robots with the invention of their unmanned drone aircraft which is used for surveillance and carrying out attacks in countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen. According to the reports of Britain’s Bureau of Investigative Journalism, the CIA drone attacks carried out in Pakistan has killed almost 3,587 people since the year 2004, out of which 884 were civilians. Although, these deaths cannot be linked to intelligent killer robots as the aircrafts are controlled by humans and cannot launch a strike without human authorization. However, in the next few years it has been predicted that new generation of killer robots could be developed which can attack and kill without even requiring any human authorization and which will result in serious robotic mayhem.

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